How to Get Spotify Premium For Free [2021]




Any avid music lover on the planet must have heard about Spotify or even used the popular audio streaming service.

Just like YouTube Music and Amazon Music, Spotify also provides millions of song lovers with the opportunity to listen to their favorite music on demand.

The Spotify service is available in free and premium versions and can be used on Android and iOS devices. You can also stream music via a web browser on your PC.

If you’re looking to enjoy maximum benefits, you must pay to unlock the premium features on Spotify. And if you wish to continue benefitting from the premium service, you must make regular subscriptions which could quickly turn out to be an expensive habit for most people in the long run.

This article contains a step-by-step guide on how regular Joe’s like you and me can activate Spotify premium accounts free of charge.

Pay very close attention to the details.

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Why Get Spotify Premium?

The massive popularity enjoyed by Spotify is largely due to its vast music collection. It contains songs spread across different genres from artists all over the world.

Moreover, the premium Spotify version makes it easy for users to create their ideal music playlists.

Apart from being a premium service, Spotify is also an online platform for streaming music, which means you’ll need to have an active internet connection before you can listen to your preferred music.

The free version of Spotify does not support music downloads for offline use; hence it’s not surprising to see people searching the web for workaround ways to get free Spotify premium.

Some other benefits that come with activating the Spotify Premium account include:

Improved Music Streaming Quality: With Spotify Premium, you can stream at 320/kbps

No Sponsored Ads: Spotify premium users can listen to all their favorite songs without interruption from annoying ads.

Music Downloads for Offline Use: With a Spotify premium account, you can save your favorite tracks and listen to them even while you’re offline.

Unlimited Track Skips: This feature provides you with easier access to your preferred songs.

Are you excited about using the Spotify premium accounts free of charge? Keep reading for details.

How to Get Spotify Premium For Free


We begin our guide on how to get free Spotify premium with one of the most straightforward methods – the Spotify premium free trial offer.

Like most premium services nowadays, Spotify also welcomes new subscribers to the platform with a 1-month free offer.

The Spotify premium free trial offer is available for new users who subscribe to any Individual, Duo, or Family plan.

Here’s how you can activate the Spotify premium free trial offer and enjoy its premium music listening benefits.

  1. You can start by visiting the official Spotify website or installing the mobile app to sign up for a new account.
  2. Next, click on the “View Plans” icon, where you can browse and select from any of the available premium plans.
  3. Afterward, you must supply the payment information required on the checkout form. The Spotify platform usually accepts credit cards or PayPal transfers.

Once your Spotify free trial offer has been activated successfully, you can proceed to enjoy the music streaming service for the next 30 days.

You must, however, remember to cancel your subscription before the free trial period ends to avoid getting charged for the following month.

That’s how to enjoy using free Spotify premium via the free trial offer.

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How to Activate Spotify Premium Accounts Free For A Lifetime


This next method in our guide on how to get Spotify premium for free involves using a Spotify MOD application.

Any Spotify user knows that all songs are no longer available after getting uninstalled from their devices.

This is so because all Spotify content comes with special protection and encoding features.

As a result, you must install a MOD version of the Spotify app which disables the DRM protection and encoding features.

This way, you can proceed to enjoy unrestricted premium access along with the guarantee that you can play the songs on your PC or mobile device for as long as you like.

As this is not a legal method for getting the free Spotify premium accounts, you won’t find the MOD Spotify apk on popular platforms like GooglePlayor App Store.

You’ll have to search for it on online tech blogs and software developer forums if you’re serious about using the Spotify premium accounts free of charge.

Because it is a MOD app, you won’t be required to sign up for an account or login before you can run the hacking software.

That’s it! You’ve just learned how to get a free Spotify premium by using the MOD app.

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How to Get Spotify Premium For Free On Windows PC

That’s right; you can also activate the Spotify premium accounts free of charge for use on your Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 computer.

When you’re done, you can stream seamlessly online without interruption from ads, download your favorite songs for listening offline, unlock higher quality audio, and enjoy unlimited playback.

Here’s how to get the free Spotify premium accounts for use on your PC:

  • For starters, you must download and install the latest Spotify app version for Windows on your computer. Next, you can set up a new Spotify account for free or log in to your existing one.
  • Afterward, you must open your PC’s download folder and look in the Spotify apk folder for the “install.bat” file.
  • Now, you must right-click on the “install.bat” file with your mouse cursor.
  • Look in the scroll-down menu that appears next and click on the “Run as administrator” option. You must now hold on for the “Installation Complete” message to be displayed on the CMD window.
  • Once the message appears, press the “Enter” keyboard key to close the window.

After successfully installing the .bat file, you can launch the Spotify app on your PC. You will no longer experience any annoying ads while streaming music. And although you cannot download music for offline use, you get to enable other premium features.

That’s it! You have now discovered how to get Spotify premium for free on your Windows computer.

Spotify Premium Free Code (100% Working)


Spotify Premium Account Username and Password for July 2021

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   Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Spotify really free?

A. The free version of Spotify is available for download and use on PC and mobile devices. But you can only access limited features.

Q. Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?

A. Spotify is free to use on Amazon Prime Music but you must have an active Prime membership.

Q. Is Spotify free for 3 months?

A. New members can activate the free 3-month trial offer. But you must submit valid payment information.

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The Takeaway…

Here ends our discussion on proven ways to enjoy using free Spotify premium accounts this 2021 and beyond.

Now you know that the process of activating free Spotify premium accounts for use on your mobile device or PC is not so complicated after all.


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