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Perhaps you’re someone who likes to prank a few friends and household members; then you should pay attention to the contents of this article.

What if you could make them believe that you can see through cloth app by using an xray clothes scanner app?

Because people always look for different ways to have fun, entertainment now has no boundaries.

You’ll find dozens of see through clothes apps on both the Google Play and App Stores available for download and installation on your smartphone.

While in fact, such technology is not yet a reality for smartphone users, that shouldn’t prevent you from exploring the effects that such a prank can have on your friends.

Here are some of the best apps you can install & use to see through clothes:


Top 10 X-Ray Clothes Apps (2021)

1. Cloth Scanner Android App


You’ll enjoy using this see through clothing app to prank your friends. It will give them the impression that you have a tool installed on your smartphone that allows you to peek beneath their clothes. This fun software is trending right now on Google Play Store.

The Cloth Scanner Android app comes with different filters that can be used to manipulate the body’s appearance. You can capture your friend in a photo and then use this xray app to prank them after erasing their clothes.

Download: Clothes Scanner Android app

2. Sexy Booth Free – Makes You Hot


This latest version of the Sexy Booth Free makes you hot apk is undoubtedly one of the most exciting see through clothes apps worth trying.

It comes with a loaded gallery of beautiful girls that can transform captured images with various hot looks. This fun app was developed for iOS systems and can be enjoyed on any iDevice.

Of course, all the images generated from using this Xray clothes app are fake as you simply cannot use your smartphone to peek underneath your friends’ clothes.

Still, the app is quite entertaining and fun to use. You can say it’s a Prank app.

3. Full Body Scanner See Through Android App


So you want to install the best see through clothes app on your Android smartphone?! With the Full Body Scanner, you have one of the oldest see through apps ever developed to remove girl’s virtual clothing.

It is already famous among millions of pranksters around the world looking to have some fun with friends.

Always remember that the photos generated here are not real. This fun app does however display some very realistic X ray machine images of your friend’s captured photos.

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4. Audery Girl Figure Scanner


You can download & install Audery Girl Figure Scanner right now and discover why it ranks among the most enjoyable see through clothes apps for Android and iOS users. The app enables you to pretend that you are using a mobile xray clothes scanner to have a look underneath people’s clothes.

Here, the generated images are also fake. They can only display the body parts of total strangers, and not the actual people standing in front of the camera. Nevertheless, the Audery Girl Figure Scanner app can be used to create a lot of fun during social gatherings.

5. Girl Cloth Scanner


The name of this next entry on our list should have already clued you in on its purpose.  With Girl Cloth Scanner, you have one of the best see through clothes app you can use to prank your girlfriend. It was built to enable the user to remove or hide their girlfriend’s virtual clothes.

This fun application lets you generate some entertainment while hanging around with your friends. Once installed, you can have them stand in front of your smartphone camera and pretend that you’re seeing what’s underneath their clothes.

6. XRay Cloth Remover


Let’s now introduce you to X Ray Cloth Remover. This fun tool has also managed to rank among the most entertaining see through clothes app for smartphone users. All you have to do is point the camera in the direction of someone’s hand with their fingers separated.

Afterward, the app will generate a realistic image with the bones inside of the person’s fingers and palm visible. And although you can find more sophisticated prank apps on the software market nowadays; you will certainly enjoy using xray clothes scanner to have some fun with your friends.

7. Scratch On Girl


You’re about to download the latest Scratch on Girl Android apk version. It is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining see through clothes app we’ve sampled recently. Once installed on your phone, this fun application will enable you to take off any girl’s virtual clothes with just a flick of your finger.

The Scratch on Girl prank app will also let you capture photos of your friends and then transform them into creative avatars. Its lightweight size also ensures that the app won’t interfere with your phone’s performance.

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8. Touch On Girls Simulator


Try out the latest Touch on Girls Simulator Android apk. It was built to let you experience some of the funniest see through clothes pranks with your friends. The app comes with a best catalog of hot beautiful girls wearing almost nothing.

All you have to do is capture a photo of your friend with this girl’s body scan simulator. Afterward, you can perform photo editing by simply tapping the “X” button a few times. You can undress the image and add some sexy bikinis from the app’s catalog.

Download: Touch on Girls Simulator

9. Stylish Photo Editor Clothes App Android

best see-through clothes apps for Android
best see-through clothes apps for Android

Stylish Clothes Photo Editor has also managed to rank among the best see through clothes app for Android devices. You and your friends can amuse yourselves with the trendy clothes and stylish photo frames available in its large collection.

You can even use this latest Stylish Clothes Photo Editor apk to generate a creative virtual photo avatar that suits your personality.

10. Real Xray Camera Simulator


Here is the Real Xray Camera Simulator for Android. This fun app lets you fool around with your friends and family members. Once installed, this latest version of the full-body scanning app will enable you to perform some magical pranks using just your smartphone camera.

The app operates like an actual X-ray machine – only in an amusing way.

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The Wrap Up

Thanks for reading our X ray clothes app listicle.

Feel free to stop by here again soon for more lifestyle app recommendations.


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