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If you are very active on social media networks, many times before the post you have to think about whether to post or not, because the way cyberbullying, cyber-stalking, phishing, or trolling incidents have increased today, be aware before every post, has become very important.

In such a situation, keeping social media accounts private or high may be a better option.

Let’s know these ways through which you can easily run your social media accounts without any worry.

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Tips to keep social media accounts private:

1. Twitter Account

If your account is on Twitter, by default your profile and tweet can be visible to everyone.

Every tweet you make can also be seen by those who have not sign-up on Twitter.

(a) If you do not want your profile to be visible to everyone, then you will have to make some changes in the settings.

First, open your Twitter account on the web browser, then go to Settings and then Privacy.

After this, you have to click on the privacy and safety option.

(b) Here you will get the option of ‘Protect Your Tweets’ under the Tweet section.

Here, as soon as we click in the confirmation box, a pop sub box will open.

(c) There will be a choice of ‘protect’ and ‘cancel’ here. If the account is to be protected, click on the protect.

(d) After this, only your followers will be able to see the treats. If someone wants to follow you, then they will need your approval.

With this, people will not be able to retweet your tweet. Also, your tweet will not appear in the search engine. Your tweet will be visible only in the search of followers.

(e) There is also an option to disable ‘location’ and ‘photo tagging’ on the ‘Privacy and Security page. Also, you can turn off any message sent by another user.

(f) Even if you have made the tweet private, you will not be able to hide the entire profile.

Banner image, profile image, name, username, bio, location, etc. will appear. However, you can customize your visibility by going to the Edit Profile option.

2. Instagram Account

To make the account private on Android and ios apps, you have to click on the menu with three horizontal lines.

(a) Now after going to the privacy, go to ‘Account Privacy’ and if you have made the account public, then after taping on it, you will have to turn on ‘Private Account’.

(b) After privatizing the account, your post will neither appear in the search nor the hashtag will appear on the page.

By the way, even if no one follows you on Instagram, they can still see the profile image, name, username, bio etc.

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3. Facebook Account 

Privatizing profiles on Twitter and Instagram is not as easy as Facebook. Except for the people you have blocked here, everyone will be able to see your profile.

(a) Here to see your profile in private mode, you will see DropDone in the cannon on the right side, after clicking on it, go to Options in Settings. Here you have to go to the privacy, which you will find on the left.

(b) If you choose the option ‘Only me’ instead of the ‘Public’ option in ‘Who can see your future post’ in ‘Your activity’ to customize your profile visibility on Facebook, this is the most secure.

(c) You also get the option of privacy for the Timeline tagging and stories page on Facebook.

How to block users?

If you feel that a user is disturbing you then it can be easily blocked on Twitter Facebook or Instagram.

Instagram – Twitter:

If you want to block a user on these platforms, then you have to first go to that user’s profile, there will be 3 dots menu on the top right, after clicking on it you will get the option to block, then click it and block the user.


To block the user in Facebook, after going into the settings, you have to go to the blocking, then in the ‘block users’ field where you have to enter the name of the user you want to ‘block’, then you can block it after clicking.


On the end, from these given ways you can keep your social media accounts on Private mode.

And don’t be hesitate to comment your valuable feedback on our comment box .


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