10 Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks For 2022

Your iPhone comes with a wide range of handy features, yet many users remain unaware of what their iPhone Device can do.

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Did you know that you can optimize your iOS smart device even further by applying iPhone tips and tricks?

This way, you get to unlock the secret features hidden away in your smartphone; thereby increasing your overall productivity.

We’ve gone ahead to identify some useful iOS system hacks along with the latest iPhone tricks and tips that will indeed prove helpful. Read on for details.

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Here are the 10 Hidden iPhone tips and tricks for 2022

1. Adding A Virtual Home Button


Let’s get started with one of those iPhone tips and tricks that can make user access much easier.

It works by restoring the home button feature to your screen. This particular feature has been omitted from every iPhone released since iPhone 8.

This means that iPhone 11 series or iPhone X, XS Max users can now add this virtual Home button function.

This goal here is to make the iOS smartphone features more accessible. Moreover, this hack is available for use on most iPhone models.

It can be especially handy if the home button on your iPhone gets damaged or suddenly stops working.

It’s also not difficult to enable. You only have to navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility, and then tap the AssistiveTouch button to switch it ON.

2. Boost Speed On A Sluggish iPhone


The fact is, your iPhone is a computing device and it tends to slow down with use. Over time, your memory and storage will fill up with forgotten files and apps. The component parts will wear out eventually.

Thankfully, there are a few iPhone tips and tricks you can apply to delay the inevitable. Some of them include:

• Powering down your iDevice completely from time to time. This action automatically clears out the unused data in your memory.
• Form the habit of uninstalling redundant apps and deleting those media files and photos you don’t need. You could choose to create local hard drives or cloud backups instead of accumulating them on your smartphone storage.
• You should also check through your Settings regularly to refresh the apps list. This way, you can prevent those apps running in the background from consuming precious processing power.
• Ensure that you install iOS updates regularly on your device.

3. Switch ON iPhone Dark Mode


Night owls tend to feel more comfortable with the Dark Mode enabled on their iPhones. Besides looking cool, it reduces glare and makes the display less harsh on the eyes.

It works by simply flipping to dark grey/black backgrounds instead of the default bright/white backgrounds on your smartphone.

The Dark mode on iPhone is also quite suitable for people suffering from colour blindness. Here’s how to enable the Dark Mode on your iDevice:

Go to the Settings menu > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodation > Invert Colors.

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4. Charge your iPhone faster

Let’s imagine you forgot to charge your smartphone and you’re just about ready to hit the road.

You can’t afford to wait around and charge it fully. Luckily, there’s an iPhone hack for that.

Simply enable the Airplane mode on your iPhone while charging it. This way, your battery will boost a lot faster.

5. Improve your iPhone Password Security

This next hack on our list of iPhone tips and tricks comes highly recommended for making security upgrades on your smartphone.

You can choose to enable either the fingerprint or face recognition technology for unlocking your iPhone.

However, your selection will depend largely on which smartphone model you are using.

6. Google Maps in Offline Mode


This is one of the iPhone tips and tricks on this list that is perfect for when you’re outdoors or away on holiday.

Mobile data plans can be expensive nowadays. And using Google Maps to help you while move around can consume a considerable amount of bandwidth.

So, how to travel around with this handy companion without using up any data?

You can start by launching Google Maps while you’re still within the range of your wifi network.

Next, tap on any location. Afterward, select the Menu button found in the upper left corner of your display.

Now you should see the ‘Download Offline Map’ icon. That’s it!

7. Set Music And Podcast Timers

Perhaps you prefer drifting off to sleep whilst listening to a podcast or cool music; here’s one of the iPhone tricks you can use to ensure the media won’t keep playing throughout the night.

Launch the Clock app on your smartphone and then set the timer. Next, scroll down to the lower part of the display, where you’ll find the section for ‘When Timer Ends’.

Now, you can select the ‘Stop Playing’ option. This action will switch OFF all sounds automatically at the specified time.

8. Shake Your Phone To Undo Typing


So you want to learn some pew iPhone tricks? This next one on our list is not very popular among iDevice users.

Did you know you can enable the iPhone ‘Shake to Undo’ feature to erase mistakes while taking notes? This way, you won’t have to press the Delete key.

Here’s how: open the Settings menu > Accessibility > Touch > Shake to Undo.

That’s it! Now you can undo typing errors by simply shaking your iPhone instead of pressing the delete key.

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9. Email Address Text Shortcut

Everyone knows how typing out an email address can be such a drag – especially if you have to do it repeatedly.

Here’s one of the iPhone tips and tricks you can use to make things easier. It works by letting you set up a simple text shortcut instead.

You can enable it by opening the Settings menu > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement.

Once there, you can proceed to create multiple text shortcuts. This means that each time you input the first letter of your email address, the autocorrect tool will type out your full email address automatically.

You can even set shortcuts like ‘AAA’, for example, to shorten your email address. This way, the autocorrect program will input your full email each time you type out the letters ‘AAA.’

10. Receive Flashlight alerts


This final entry of our list of pew iPhone tricks can be pretty useful in a noisy environment.

It’s also suitable for people with hearing issues. You could also decide to enable it while your smartphone is on silent mode but you still want to be aware of incoming calls or messages.

Here’s how you can enable it. Go to the Settings menu > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Once there, you can set up the iPhone LED Flashlight to switch ON for your alerts.

Rounding Up…

Here ends our discussion about handy iPhone tips and tricks. Now you get to improve your overall productivity with minimal effort.

And don’t be hesitate to comment on our comment box for any suggestions.

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