Do you want to know how to take a screenshot in the Firefox browser and no matter how hard you try, you seem unable?

Have you looked everywhere for information and can’t find what you’re looking for?

And in the event that you have found it, its information is not to your liking?

In this post, you will finally have the solution to your problems, because we are going to explain how it is done in a very simple way and that you will surely understand the first time. So follow this entry and delight yourself.

To be honest, this is one of the simplest entries to explain, since the platform itself explains it perfectly, although it is also true to mention that not in all formats, that is, it does explain how to take a screenshot in Firefox from a device mobile but not from a PC.

This happens because it is assumed that everyone knows how to do it from the computer and not from a device. But from Theappsradar we think about the whole world, from the first to the last.

Therefore, whether your intention is to do it on both a mobile device and a PC, we are going to solve the problem once and for all and, incidentally, you will know new things about this interesting and important platform that is in the network from Google as of late.

Steps to take a screenshot in Firefox

To be able to explain well how to take a screenshot in Firefox from a computer and a device, we will explain it in two sections so that all the terms are clear. So let’s go for it.

Take a screenshot in Firefox from a PC

Follow these simple steps that we are going to explain to you to take a screenshot in Firefox from a computer:

Step 1
Go to the page you want to take the screen capture.

Step 2
Press the ” Paint ” button on the keyboard that is located at the top.

Step 3
Go to ” Paint Print “, paste the screenshot and save it.

Take a screenshot in Firefox from a mobile device

Now we are going to teach you how to do it from a mobile phone. Follow these steps given below:

Step 1
Position your device as if you wanted to send a text message or if you were looking for a contact from your phone book.

Step 2
Press the start button and the power button at the same time. You will see a flash of light and hear the typical photography sound.

Step 3
Go to ” Gallery Application ” and there you will have the capture.


Isn’t it easy? I hope this article has been useful to you here you learned about, How to take a screenshot in Firefox.

And finally, don’t be hesitate to comment on our comment box.


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