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Minecraft Free Accounts: If you have reached this post, it is probably because you are looking for how to get free Minecraft premium accounts for 2021.

With a free Minecraft account and password, you can access a large number of resources of this video game.

In fact, entering the Premium servers is what will allow you to get the most out of it and enjoy all the features.

Subscription to these specific launchers has a cost. That, although they are not so high, many users cannot pay periodically

Therefore, we show you the best way to use Free Minecraft accounts, easy and without any problem. Although first, we will see some pertinent data about the game.



This game has been created by the Swedish company Mojang and is an open-world exploration video game.

Minecraft has the particularity of allowing users to develop individually, or together, everything they need to create their own universe.

The design of the game is pixelated, which gives it a retro or platform appearance that is one of the attractions of the game, as well as exploiting the creativity of the players.

In this sense, users are subjected to a randomly generated universe made up of biomes and extractable resources that are used to create other tools, such as picks, kitchens, special blocks, and even decorations.

From these elements, one of the words that make up the name of the game can be made or carried out in the “Crafting” activity.

Speaking of which, one of the tasks that are most performed while playing is mining, to obtain raw materials, being one of the main objectives of the game and for which it is given the name “Minecraft”.

Each player can move freely through the environment around him, finding different landscapes, resources, and animals in the vast place.

Likewise, you can destroy and rebuild each painting that makes up the virtual world at will. Getting more interesting thanks to the fact that it is full of mysterious structures and creatures.

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It currently brings together four game modes that the user can choose before starting a game, regardless of whether it is an online or solo experience.

Those who have Minecraft Premium for free can enjoy survival mode, as well as creative mode, adventure mode, and the spectator.

  1. Survival: the main mode of the program, in it you have to get resources and survive the constant attacks of night creatures.

All this, until the dragon can be defeated. The character’s life is made up of ten hearts, which deteriorate with blows, hunger, fire, among others.

2. Creative: this game is directed by the same player, he is the one who sets the rules, and can build, modify and destroy squares at will, without being in danger of being attacked by any monster.

3. Adventure: This type of game is perfect for those who like to develop maps for other players.

In it, you cannot destroy pictures at will unless you have the correct tool and it has only one difficulty.

4. Spectator: it is a peculiar modality, since if you die you cannot continue playing, but you can continue observing the game and what others are doing.

Free Minecraft Account and Password 2021

To purchase a Premium subscription in Minecraft, many of the plans displayed on the main page of the game must be paid.

There are four available, and their price increases according to the number of days that allow you to keep the paid modality or benefits.

In this sense, the first of them and the cheapest has a total price of 7.19 Euros per month, it is automatically debited after the term and can be cancelled at any time.

The second also has a term of 30 days, but it is a little more expensive (8.99 Euros) and is not directly debited, so the user must make the payment after the time has expired.

As for the last two, there is a 90-day plan of 23.99 Euros, obtaining a 10% discount compared to the previous monthly plan.

Whereas, the 180-day Minecraft Premium account is acquired by paying a total of 42.99 Euros which, compared to the 30-day plan, is 20% cheaper.

Anyway, I will leave you a couple of Free Minecraft Accounts Premiums, I will be updating them daily so that everyone can reach one.

Minecraft Premium Account Password viper1 Baxtax56 KydJay71 Yur5 Kolarik Rm9p28 Stanley17 Bearbot9 EyeStain1 t7t4nic
Minecraft Premium Account Password land23 test122w mippr3 * jaunito2 oor3_ look # mooog43 744g6


Creating Premium accounts for free is easier than you might expect, thanks to several users taking the time to develop a generator.

And you will ask yourself Generator of what? This tool works to create premium accounts from gift codes that are not used and that Mojang places on the market.

In this way, the generator simply enters a large number of these per minute, and when it manages to find a valid one, it proceeds to create Minecraft Premium accounts for free.

Simply enter the generator and click on the green button that says ” Generate Account ” and complete the Google captcha that it shows (without ads).

This will reveal the pertinent information and it would only remain to log into the official launcher to enjoy the subscription.

Even so, account data already formed by this tool can be found that can be used freely if you do not want to use the generator.

Enter the generator that we provide, enter your Minecraft username, then select the device you use.

1. Click on BE PREMIUM FREE.
2. Log into your Minecraft account.
3. Enjoy your Premium account!

How to Get a Free Minecraft Premium account in 2021?


There are different methods with which you can get a Minecraft Premium account that works for free.

It is important that you know how these ways of obtaining the username and password are so that you can test them.

You should know that using an account generated by any of these methods is totally legal since Mojang does not prohibit the sharing of accounts between several people.

We look at these methods weekly and update them if there is relevant information so that the post is updated in April – May 2021.

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Minecraft Premium Account giveaways

One of the legal ways to get a Minecraft account without having to pay is by participating in the raffles that various Youtubers run.

These giveaways can be found on YouTube or Twitter, and normally the requirements are to like or comment on the thread.

To find them go to Youtube and in the search engine enter ” Minecraft account draw ” after that you can filter the results by most recent date and you will see the latest videos uploaded.

Attention! You should look for Youtubers giveaways that look real and are not a scam. To do this, look for Youtubers with a certain number of subscribers who carry out a giveaway and have an audience that follows them.

You should avoid participating in live shows that raffle accounts all the time. These live streams do not raffle any functional account, and they only want you to register on a certain site or download an application.

Asking someone who left Minecraft for an account

Another of the legal ways to get a Minecraft account is to ask someone who previously played and now no longer.

If you can convince him, he will surely leave you his account so that you can play without owing him anything.

For this, you can search for someone on forums, Twitter, or Facebook. Joining groups and asking people who no longer participate.

If you have an acquaintance that you think may leave you an account, it is also an option.

To ask for an account, explain your situation, be nice to the person and make them understand you, you may get them to give it to you!

People Also Ask About Free Minecraft Accounts

Q1. Is Minecraft good for kids?

Ans: Yes, Minecraft is a great and kids-friendly video game. “Minecraft” is a multiplayer game that basically gives kids, the ability to create their own worlds complete with houses and Pets and resources.

Q2. How do I get a free mojang 2021 account?


  1. Go to its official site
  2. Click on Login.
  3. Click Sign up for free.
  4. Enter your own email address and click Next.
  5. Create a password and click Next.
  6. Next enter your region/location and birthdate and click Next.
  7. Enter the verification code and click next button.
  8. And finally click Let’s Go.

Q3. Which Minecraft version is best?

Ans: Java Edition is the best Minecraft version, because it offers the most open-sourced options for its users. This is the best option for modders as well as those who enjoy PC gaming.


In Conclusion…

We hope that our knowledge on this subject has helped you to know how to get a free Minecraft account.

So if our post helps you, do not hesitate to share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy free Minecraft Premium Accounts.


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