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A few months back, Facebook launched a new feature on its Facebook Gaming app, In this, you can now create tournaments and participate in competitions in the Facebook gaming streaming video game, Fb.gg.

Facebook’s response to Twitch to exploit the Internet gameplay market now allows users to create and host virtual tournaments in a variety of formats, one example of which is “double elimination”.

It is not wrong if we say Facebook Gaming takes you to a new world of playing games.

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Tournaments on Facebook Gaming

The new gaming experience through Facebook brings with its tournaments the spirit of friendly competitions.

With the convenience of play, you can play games instantly, and join groups focused around you, as long as you have an Internet connection.

If you still do not know this platform, we give you more information as an introduction.

What is Facebook Gaming?


With the impressive growth of the video game industry, the Facebook Gaming platform was created by Facebook and launched in 2018 to attract gamers and professional content creators related to gaming, this is how the social media giant appeals to the market gameplay.

It is a response to the new trends in the community of video game consumers who are on the go and want to watch other players or those who want to create content on Facebook Gaming while they play and broadcast their games live.

To be part of the community you do not need to be a gamer, you can be in the process of just enjoying playing and looking for streamers to see how they solve the challenges of your favorite games.

You can also start your own broadcast with friends and family, but this is only the beginning if you decide to connect with much larger audiences and other content creators. You can download the Facebook Gaming app from the Google Play store.

How to stream on Facebook Gaming?

You only have to enter from your computer to Fb.gg where you can see the transmission of the creators that are live, or from your Facebook profile in the “Video games” or “Gaming” section.

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How to create content on Facebook Gaming?

It’s very easy, just follow these steps.

1. Register your email with the Facebook Gaming creator community to get first-hand access to new features and functions, as well as creator notifications.

2. Then you must create a “Game Video Creator” page, assign a name and click Continue to be able to join Level UP.

3. Then you must install and configure a program to stream such as Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS).

4. Now you will be able to stream from your computer or from your cell phone, you just have to go to the Creators portal and click on “Create Live Stream”.

5. You can choose where to post the live stream, either on your video creator page of games you already created or on your profile page.

6. Then just paste the URL of the server or the keystream in configuring the software for streaming.

7. Now you have to use the software for streaming to begin broadcasting, you will see a preview of the stream on Facebook where the URL appears on the server and the keystream.

8. Now you just have to assign a name to the stream, identify the game you will be playing and add the description for your viewers.

9. Then you just click on Transmit.

How to create Tournaments on Facebook Gaming?

Anyone can organize and join a tournament. Whether you want to run a competition between friends, if you are a creator or if it is a global esports competition.

It will happen virtually, you can create, view, and join to play in the competition, all from one place. You can even support an important cause while the tournament is taking place.

1. You just have to go to the Tournaments or Tournaments section on Facebook Gaming and click on Create Tournament.

2. You upload an image of the tournament, you can create the event as Private or Public.

3. You must choose the name of the event, write the description (here you can include the rules), and the start and end date.

This section of tournaments in Facebook Gaming is debuting early, we have only seen something similar in Twitch Rivals (with the difference that it is by invitation and for streamers and pros), but only Facebook Gaming has a feature of this type built within its platform.

The plus is that you can not only see the suggested tournaments and register for other competitions, if you are from the community of creators they can also broadcast the tournaments.

Now you know another way to entertain yourself in today’s scenario.


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