What Is Clubhouse? The Invite-Only Chat App Explained




Recently Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about his clubhouse chatroom. Since then, a tremendous craze is being witnessed across the world regarding the Saudi Base Internet Media Platform.

Let me tell you that the Clubhouse was launched in March last year. One reason behind its popularity is also being considered that it is an Invite-based platform.

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The Clubhouse is an Invite-based audio chat internet media platform that allows people to host and join audio conversations with other users.

It’s just an audio-based platform where you have to just listen to people or just have to contribute via audio.

There is no such thing as video there’s no such thing as photos and that’s basically your clubhouse intention.

You can create a room about a topic like YouTube, social media, Instagram, business, or anything, like health, politics, just hanging out, whatever.

The CEO of Clubhouse, Paul Davidson says that the plan is to open it up to Android and eventually open the doors so anybody can join.

There are already millions of people that have been using the app including, celebrities, entrepreneurs. This Clubhouse app is only available for ios users.

Clubhouse App Download

What can you do at the clubhouse?


Here in Clubhouse, you have the chance to get into these incredible rooms and listen to incredible people share incredible information, question.

The people on this platform are going to make your home screen based on the recommendation and the topics that you have looked up for it’s going to show you some of the rooms.

Here you can join, in on the very home screen you can see the concept that is pretty clear to it that you have a lot of rooms.

You can join into any room and listen to the conversation when you join in any room of course audio-only.

On this app you have two options there you can just quietly listen to the things and just leave quietly nothing gained or nothing lost there.

The second option is if the context or the conversation that you’re seeing is interesting to you.

You can just go ahead listen to it more, and then you have the button to raise, your hand as soon as you raise your hand you get into the queue.

Where the host or the moderator of the room will allow you to speak when your turn comes in and you can just simply ask questions or contribute something more.

To the conversation and that’s basically it another aspect of this app is the calendar which you’re going to see at the very top of the application there’s a calendar button where you can see all the upcoming rooms or the conversation.

That is about to be created at some given time in the future and you can just chime in into that room and can see if this is the conversation I want to be a part of it or not.

On the home screen apart from all the rooms that you’re having, you’re also going to see that there is a glance summary of the things that are going on right now.

But the button that you’ll be seeing most of the people using is starting a room when you start a room obviously you get your privacy settings and there are basically three settings that you can work on.

  1. The first one is simply open public rooms that anybody can join in.
  2. The second one is simply the social where people can just join in if they are connected or following you.
  3. And the third one is closed where you have to bring in the people and then simply just go ahead and start the conversation and obviously just like any other application.

You’re gonna see the search bar at the top as well when you click on the search you’re going to see that there are a lot of interests that you can choose based on your faith technology or anything that sounds interesting to you.

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How do you get an Invite?

Around 2 million users worldwide are using this app. According to Sensor Tower (Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence), the Clubhouse app has about 12 thousand users in India.

Currently, the Clubhouse can only be used through its existing users. The existing user’s invitations will be received via the SMS link.

Initially, a Clubhouse user can send only two invites. Now the question is, how will you know who your knowing person is using this platform?

For this, it would be better to sign it with your mobile number after downloading this application from the App Store.

Will also have to be verified through OTP sent to the mobile number. The user should enter his full real name here. If a user knows you here, then he can invite you to join.

However, in a blog post, the company has said that this year, after exiting from the beta stage, this app will be available for users around the world.

The clubhouse company is also in the process of developing an Android app.

The clubhouse app is created by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson.



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