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The modern entertainment concept has evolved even further in this digital era.

In today’s fast-paced world, cable TV subscription appears to have taken a backseat role as it no longer looks like the most viable option.

People no longer have to stay seated in front of their TV screens before they can access and enjoy the latest in global entertainment.

Video streaming apps are now available to make things easier for you – even while you’re on the go.

And in terms of quality, their online media streaming services are also better at providing 4K and HDR content along with other future technologies.

As expected, there is currently an overabundance of streaming apps available on the software market. However, their content and service deliveries are varied.

Below, you’ll find a handpicked selection of the best video streaming apps you can install right now on your smartphones and tablets.

Each one can be used to stream media seamlessly online over stable cellular or Wi-fi networks.

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Here are the Best Live Video Streaming Apps for Android & IOS

1. Amazon Prime Video

You get to watch web-based media directly on your mobile smart device once you’ve installed the Amazon Prime Video app.

There’s also a recommended list of Amazon Originals available for you to stream from.

You’ll quickly discover that this video streaming service from Amazon is above average.

It is one of the best video streaming apps that come with modern features like 4k and HDR streaming. Moreover, it features Chromecast support.

For an additional price, the app will also let you stream content from HBO and other popular media platforms.

2. Disney+

The Disney+ app could easily turn out to be your go-to media streaming source. It is one of the best live video streaming apps out there and a great place to find all your favorite media stories.

Disney+ is loaded with limitless entertainment content from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars. You’ll also find loads of documentaries from National Geographic.

From the latest entertainment titles like The Mandalorian to classics like the Simpsons; there are no dull moments here for Disney fans.

3. Crackle

Perhaps you’d prefer to use video streaming apps free of charge; Crackle comes highly recommended in this regard.

That’s right; simply install the Crackle app, and you can stream blockbuster movies, web-based TV serials, and originals for free on any smart device.

Crackle comes with an extensive media library containing the latest and classic hits.

Check out their collection now, and you can watch premium content on-demand, without a subscription.

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4. Tubi


Tubi is the next entry on our listicle and it is one of the best video streaming apps that can offer a free media streaming experience.

Tubi provides a legit and unlimited streaming experience without any subscription or credit card payments required.

Moreover, the Tubi collection gets updated every week with free movies and TV shows in HD visuals.

This way, there’s always something new to discover and watch whether you’re at home or on the go.

5. Hulu


Hulu has also ranked among our top 10 live video streaming apps that can offer users access to one of the largest media streaming libraries on the internet.

With the Hulu app, you get to stream from thousands of movie and TV show titles. There’s also a variety of exclusive Hulu Originals along with episodes from the past and the present.

With some extra money, the Hulu media streaming service also gives you the option to expand your viewing experience.

Moreover, it comes with a free trial period and support for Chromecast.

6. Movies Anywhere


Say hello to Movies Anywhere; one of the recommended video streaming apps for mobile device users in 2021 & beyond.

It is one of the latest online media streaming apps to enter the software market. With Movies Anywhere, you get to purchase all your favorite TV shows & movies and then access everything from one location.

Besides consolidating your favorite media channels under one roof, the Movies Anywhere service also provides support for Google Play Movies, iTunes, Amazon Video, and Vudu.

7. Netflix


The Netflix app is a must-have if you’re interested in watching trendy movies and TV serials from around the world.

It is arguably the leading online subscription service for streaming movies and TV show episodes directly on your Android or iOS device.

Once you install the Netflix app for free, you can then instantly activate your Netflix membership.

Afterward, nothing prevents you from streaming thousands of movies and TV show episodes directly on your smart device.

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8. Sling TV


You’re about to download the Sling TV app. This web-based streaming service comes in both free and paid versions.

It is undoubtedly one of the finest apps for video streaming that anyone can install on their smart device.

Sling TV comes with over 200 media channels so you can expect to always find something new to discover here.

It also has loads of fremium channels such as CNN, Fox News, ABC News, and MSNBC which viewers can watch on-demand.

9. Twitch


Twitch is best described as a video streaming service that was developed for gamers.

It turns out that Twitch also has a mobile app for Android platforms that’s available on the Google PlayStore. It was developed to make media streaming more effortless for Twitch users.

Moreover, using this platform is quite straightforward. All you have to do is download the app, create a Twitch account, and then grant a few user permissions. Afterward, you can begin your streaming sessions.

10. YouTube TV


This is YouTube TV; a great place to stream & record live internet TV without any cable box required.

The YouTube platform is already famous for its free media streaming services; which are supported on various mobile devices.

With the YouTube TV app, you can stream from major cable and broadcast networks such as ABC, FOX, CBS, the NFL Network, NBC, ESPN, TNT, HGTV, and much more.

The YouTube TV service also boasts of tutorial and music videos along with loads of other relevant content.

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Here’s hoping you learned a lot from reading our post about recommended live video streaming apps you can use right now.

Let nothing prevent you from enjoying the entertainment variety on offer with these services.



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