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Considering the unprecedented events of 2020, it was still a relatively good year for mobile gaming with lots of great entertainment still to look forward to.

The smartphone gaming industry is still booming. This means that your favorite developers have been working tirelessly to provide you with exceptionally well-created games to keep enthusiasts everywhere engaged throughout the upcoming year.

The list below attempts to scratch the surface of the best Android games to look out for in 2021.

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Here are the Best Upcoming Android Games For 2021

1. Dauntless

Let’s get started with Dauntless; one of the best upcoming Android games to watch out for this year.

You can also expect this free-to-play RPG to provide thrilling coop action that’s being developed for Microsoft Windows, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One systems.

The Dauntless gameplay will involve you becoming a slayer whose task is to take down behemoth monsters.

Players are allowed to hunt as a team of slayers or go solo. Crafting materials for weapons can be obtained along with other items for use in the game after each kill you make.

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

This next recommendation on our list of the best upcoming Android games for this year is Wild Rift a MOBA game from developers Riot Games that has now been recreated for Android and iOS platforms.

It offers smoother controls, faster-paced gameplay, and players can even team up with their friends.

You will enjoy deep-diving into this virtual test of your skills and strategy with about 40 different champions available for selection.

You also get to tweak your character’s abilities.

3. Plants vs. Zombies 3

With Plants vs. Zombies 3, you have a new entry to the exciting game series coming to your Android screens this year.

That’s right; this strategy and tower defense video game that was developed originally for Windows & OS X systems back in 2009 has now been remastered for the foremost PCs and ported to handheld devices and consoles.

It is undoubtedly one of the best upcoming Android games to watch out for this new season.

You will still have to organize your army of plants to do battle against big and bad zombie monsters.

4. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

So you want to find out the best upcoming Android games for this year?!

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is one to look out for especially if you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series.

You can expect to encounter all kinds of foul creatures roaming the vast continent in the game with the Witchers tasked with hunting them down.

This mobile game promises to offer console-quality visuals where you can travel around as one of the first Witchers (many years before the time of Geralt of Rivia) hunting monsters and freeing the people of the land from terror.

5. Summoners War: Chronicles


Let’s now introduce you to Summoners War yet another one of the best upcoming Android games on this list that has become massively popular.

iOS users can also get in on the excitement offered by this highly addictive game that has captured the hearts of so many people around the world.

Summoners War: Chronicles can best be described as a live-action MMORPG that plays out 70 years ahead of the original game’s storyline.

Here, you are allowed to pick teams containing 3 characters with each of them having monster summoning powers.

6. NieR Re[in]carnation

It comes as no surprise that Nier Reincarnation has also managed to rank among the best upcoming Android games players should watch out for.

This highly anticipated RPG was developed by Square Enix for both Android and iOS systems.

The game plays out in the Cage realm and will involve you playing the role of a young girl who is being guided by a spirit-like entity.

7. Pokémon Unite

There’s no denying that Pokémon Unite is one of the best upcoming Android games you can look forward to playing this year.

This highly anticipated free-to-play MOBA video game is also supported on iOS devices.

The Pokémon Unite game lets you control all your favorite Pokémon monsters directly in a thrilling 5 against 5 team arena battle.

You can expect the Pokémon Unite gameplay to be similar to other popular MOBAS such as Dota 2 or League of Legends.

However, it will have just 2 lanes instead of 3 and there won’t be any turrets.

8. Warhammer: Odyssey

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the storyline of this enduring Wargaming series; then you’re going to love playing this highly anticipated Android game.

The plot of this 3D MMORPG plays out in the Old World and it was designed to allow you to explore and experience some of the most iconic Warhammer locations from the lore.

Here, you can choose to play the role of an Archmage, Slayer, Shadow Warrior, Witch Hunter, or Warrior Priest who has been tasked with repelling the agents of Chaos.

9. Apex Legends


It has been confirmed that a mobile Apex Legends game version will be hitting the stores soon.

This means that you too can show the stuff you’re made of while playing Apex Legends directly on your mobile screen.

This epic Battle Royale game is free-to-play and was designed to enable contenders to battle it out for fortune, fame, and glory.

10. Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep is yet another highly anticipated mobile game from Niantic – the Pokémon Go developers.

And just like its famous predecessor, it is being developed to support both Android and iOS systems.

Moreover, new game releases from the Pokémon franchise are always very much anticipated same goes for Pokémon Sleep.

However, this game will take a unique approach because its purpose will be to track the player’s sleeping patterns to transform sleeping into a form of entertainment instead of the active catch ’em all exploration we’ve grown accustomed to.

People Also Ask For “Best Upcoming Android Games”

Q1. Which is the world’s No 1 mobile game 2021?

Ans: Grand Theft Auto V is one of the world’s No 1 mobile games of 2021. This game was released in 2013 on all the Gaming Platforms (Android, iOS, etc) and it is the highest-earning Game in the World. 

Q2. Which is the No 1 PC game in the world?

Ans. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the world’s no. 1 PC game of 2021. It is an action role-playing game and also the most awarded game of 2015.

Q3. Is Minecraft a AAA game?

Ans. No, Minecraft is not AAA, game. AAA game refers to games that have a large budget for both production and marketing.

The Takeaway…

That’s it for our upcoming Android games listicle. Now you know what to expect from your favorite game developers this coming season.

Don’t be hesitate to comment on our comment box if you have any suggestions.


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