Everyone knows how MMORPGs and battle royale games are trending right now, but there was once a time when tower defense games were widely regarded among most gamers’ top selections.

Tower defense games (TDs) were also among the first from the strategy genre to capture the attention of mobile game enthusiasts everywhere.

And while there are different variations of tower defense gameplay, it typically involves fighting off aggressors, staking your claim on the land, and attacking other players’ territories.

Once you can achieve the right mixture and strategic placement of your units, you will create an impenetrable wall of death.

Sadly, however, there are not many new TD games available on the software market nowadays.

But we were still able to put together a list containing the best tower defense games ever made.

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Here are the 10 Best Tower Defense Games 2021

1. Bloons TD 6

Prepare to experience a massively popular 3D tower defense game that was developed to offer up endless hours of strategy based entertainment.

The Bloons tower defense series is undoubtedly one of the best tower defense games iOS and Android users alike should look to install.

Bloons TD 6 is the latest entry from the successful mobile game franchise and it was developed to feature tons of upgrades which include 19 towers, 20 maps, 3 upgraded paths, new game modes, offline support, and much more.

2. Defenders 2

With Defenders 2, you have one of the best tower defense games we’ve sampled recently and its gameplay is based on a card-collecting strategy.

The game’s dynamic generally revolves around unlocking different towers and modes after collecting certain cards.

This way, you also get to unlock other useful in-game items.

Unlike its predecessor, Defenders 2 features as many as 40 towers, 29 bosses, 20 spells, and PvP game modes.

And while this game is generally free to play, there are certain aspects of the gameplay that will require making payment.

3. Defense Zone 3

Let’s now introduce you to Defense Zone 3; one of the best tower defense games out there that you can enjoy playing on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

You can expect this 3 rd sequel from the hit strategy based franchise to feature loads of new weapons, digital landscapes, and many more playing options.

Moreover, the game offers much-improved graphics. It also features special battles, difficulty modes, and 8 different kinds of turrets as well as multi-language support.

4. Digfender

You too can download Digfender right now and discover why it is widely regarded as one of the best tower defense games currently available on the software market.

Each of the 70 levels in the game comes with a basic map and the gameplay typically involves having to tunnel your way through to the next stage while defending the paths and tunnels you are digging.

There’s also a survival mode where players get to challenge for the supreme role, a variety of upgrades, and a host of other noteworthy achievements.

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5. Element TD

So you want to play the best tower defense games for free?! You’ll be pleased to know that Element TD was developed to offer up endless hours of engaging gameplay to experienced and newbie players alike.

This paid game comes with a fairly standard premise and simple graphics.

5 difficulty settings are available to add an extra layer of challenge to the game.

There are also maps, multiple upgrade paths, and up to 44 different towers that come with unique abilities for helping you during the game.

6. Grow Castle

You’re going to love playing Grow Castle as it has consistently ranked among the best tower defense games iOS and Android users alike can install and run seamlessly on their gadgets.

Your goal here would be to repel any enemy attacks on your castle.

Grow Castle is free to play and lets you pick from 120 different heroes to help you fortify & defend your territory.

Each hero here possesses unique powers and abilities. There’s also a character ranking system, guilds, plus much more.

7. Infinitode

You’re about to download Infinitode; one of the most engaging tower defense games on this list that lets you build over 1,000 towers simultaneously.

This Tower Defence game features fairly simple graphics, endless levels, and huge virtual maps.

Infinitode is perfect for people who prefer more chaotic tower defense game modes.

And while it is free to play, you will be required to make a few in-game purchases.

Lots of items can also be unlocked without paying for them.

8. Iron Marines

Say hello to Iron Marines an awesome Tower Defense game from the sci-fi genre that plays out during an unexpected meteor storm.

Here, you play as an Iron Marine tasked with invading and exploring alien bases.

You can also expect to find a wide variety of heroes and towers.

Iron Marines features up to 14 unlockable and upgradeable campaign missions, 10 additional special missions, along with an Impossible Mode which provides an additional layer of challenge.

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9. Kingdom Rush games

Looks like you’re serious about downloading the best tower defense games iOS and Android systems alike can run seamlessly.

While playing the Kingdom Rush series, you get to lead up to 12 mighty heroes to conquer a vast kingdom.

There are four different Kingdom Rush games in total – Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Origins, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and the latest title is called Kingdom Rush Vengeance. 

You must be prepared to encounter more than 50 different enemy races including demons and goblins.

10. Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is free to play and it serves up a unique augmented reality experience that plays out in the city of Acre in an era where the Knights Templar must repel an invading army.

Your goal here is to protect the Holy Grail – one of the most prized relics of Christianity.

Knightfall AR makes use of the Google ARCore technology enabled on your smartphone which is needed for playing this game seamlessly.

Final Take…

That’s it for our discussion about the most worthwhile tower defense games currently available on the software market.

Now you have more options to explore from this brilliant gaming genre.


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