The Star Wars lore is undoubtedly one of the largest entertainment stories ever told in human history.

This enormously successful sci-fi franchise has inspired multiple generations of movies, video games, and comic book stories.

Even decades after the release of the original Star Wars title in movie theaters, the Force is still strong among fans everywhere.

And because cinema has always influenced our lives in various ways, we now have loads of Star Wars mobile apps and games developed to keep avid fans in high spirits – even while on the go.

We’ve gone ahead to identify the most engaging Star Wars apps currently available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Each of them was built to help you celebrate the franchise culture anytime and anywhere.

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Here are the 10 Best Star Wars Apps for Android

1. Disney+

There’s no denying the fact that Disney+ deserves a place among the best Star Wars apps for Android and iOS mobile gadgets.

It was built to offer up a great environment – especially for Star Wars fans.

The Disney+ app comes with a dedicated channel that features everything Star Wars.

Here, you can expect to find the entire collection of TV series, movies, and much more from the Star Wars universe.

Some of the popular TV show titles available include The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, alongside various other standalone movies.

2. Facer


With Facer, you have one of the most thrilling Star Wars apps out there that can deliver the experience you seek.

It is essentially a Watch Face app that was developed for Wear OS, Apple’s WatchOS, and Samsung’s smartwatch platform. 

On Facer, you can expect to discover loads of Star Wars content for enjoyment across all the 3 major platforms – on your wrist.

It features a dynamic user interface that was built to immerse you fully in rich Star Wars programming, breaking news, and popular culture.

3. Fandom by Wikia


The Fandom by Wikia app makes it much easier for you to stay updated about the latest in entertainment.

It’s perfect for people who are looking to remain informed about the latest events in blockbuster TV serials like Destiny 2, the Walking Dead, or Star Wars.

The Fandom app is already widely regarded by many fans as one of the best Star Wars apps for Android devices.

Especially because of the way it lets you find various story arcs, character information, and all the relevant stuff you need to know about each TV show on offer.

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4. HoloCanon


Any avid fan of the franchise will enjoy using HoloCanon. It is undoubtedly one of the handiest Star Wars apps we’ve sampled recently.

With this brilliant software tool, you get to monitor those titles you have not yet watched or read.

It’s a great way to sort your way through the overabundance of digital Star Wars media.

One of the most standout aspects of the HoloCanon service is the way it includes 2 massively popular video games from the canon universe – Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Battlefront II.

5. Jedi Lightsaber Simulator

Let’s now introduce you to Jedi Lightsaber Simulator; it is hands down one of the most entertaining Star Wars apps for mobile users.

It features an actual lasersaber simulator that presents you with 2 choices. You must choose between the light side and following the dark side.

The Jedi Lightsaber Simulator also comes with multiple laser colors for you to pick from.

And although the app is not known for being functional, it still offers up loads of fun every time, especially for the kids. 

6. Movies Anywhere

With the Movies Anywhere app installed on your smart device, you get to store and access all your favorite movies from one location – Star Wars-branded films included.

This way, you can watch them seamlessly anytime and anywhere you choose.

Here, you can purchase your favorite movie titles from across any of the available services for viewing on the app.

Some supported media servers on Movies Anywhere include Amazon Prime, Google TV, Apple TV, Vudu, and Microsoft Movies & TV. 

7. Reddit

Looks like you’re serious about installing the most entertaining Star Wars apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Then you won’t want to miss out on what Reddit has to offer. That’s right; with the official Reddit app, fans everywhere can stay informed about the latest Star Wars entertainment offerings.

Here, you’ll find several fandom subreddits along with the official Star Wars subreddit.

You can also expect to discover dozens of subreddits about Star Wars leaks.

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8. Star Crawl

You get to enjoy some of the finest in entertainment once you install Star Crawl.

It is one of the best Star Wars apps we’ve sampled recently.

This brilliant app tool even lets you create your version of the iconic text crawl found at the beginning of every Star Wars movie. And you can use something you wrote.

The Star Crawl app even lets you save your favorite videos for offline viewing.

Moreover, this fun application lets you share your activity across social media channels.

9. Star Wars Official

This is the official app for the Star Wars franchise. It was built to immerse the user in rich media options, breaking news, interactive features, social updates, and special events.

You can customize the app’s theme by choosing the light or dark side. There’s also a droid interface fans can use to stream video clips, watch movie trailers, and play themed sounds.

With the Star Wars official app, you can rest assured that you’re getting the latest news and updates directly from Disney.

10. Zedge

Say hello to Zedge; an app that offers up extensive combo collections of Star Wars wallpapers and ringtones for mobile users – all for free.

With the Zedge app, you don’t have to search online for ways to personalize your smartphone.

It comes with a vast and varied assortment of HD & live wallpapers, ringtones, and alarm sounds. Moreover, you can search for and enable any of them with ease.

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Final Take…

That’s it for our discussion about recommended Star Wars apps you can use right now.

Let the Force guide your selection. And don’t be hesitate to comment on our comment box.


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