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Hulu is one of the most amazing streaming channels right now. Moreover, it not only has series but also has Best Shows on Hulu.

Hulu originals are one of the top-rated shows on the internet today. Likewise, it only browses the highest-grossing movies on it.

Hulu is a blessing for those loving sci-fi movies on Hulu. So here we list the top 10 best shows on Hulu.

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Here are the top 10 Best Shows on Hulu

1. The Handmaid’s Tale


This Hulu original is one of the most-watched web series around the globe. Moreover, this web series won eight Prime Time Emmys and many of those from the Golden Globe.

This was actually the show which put Hulu on track. Likewise, due to its popularity, people get to know what Hulu was.

The show has 3 successful seasons. The latest season 3 was aired in June 2019. However, the show takes place in a medieval age in the dystopian now New England.

Additionally, in the show, the conservative religious heads have taken over the world. There is no gender equality and women are treated poorly.

Moreover, the show is based on the 1985 classic novel written by Margaret Eleanor Attwood.

2. Firefly


If you’re looking for a show to strangle your mind buds then this is the best choice. Firefly is one of the best Hulu originals and is available natively on the Hulu platform only.

It was cancelled after the first season; however, it became a fan favourite after the ban lifts.

Serenity the movie is also based on this show. Likewise, users can solve various loose ends by watching that movie as well.

Firefly is based on a spaceship journey, additionally, the show takes place in the multicultural future.

Unlike, other shows the western and eastern intervene in this show. Moreover, there is still a difference between the rich and the poor in this show.

3. 11.22.63


11.22.63 show is based on the famous assassination of John f Kennedy. The show is the most popular in the sci-fi genre.

Additionally, the show unfolds in 8 episodes. It is based on the famous novel by Steven King that has the same name as the show. The show is available on Hulu and is the Best Sci-Fi Movie on Hulu Right Now for sci-fi lovers.

The shows revolve around a school teacher. He travels back in time to stop this assassination of JFK.

As the show commences it is shown how difficult it is to stop this from happening. 11.22.63 is considered as best Hulu shows.

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4. Stargate SG-1


If you’re looking for a new Sci-Fi Movies on Hulu show to keep you busy. The Stargate SG-1 is one of the best Hulu shows on this list.

The show ratings are really high for every tech enthusiast. This Hulu show has 10 seasons and 214 episodes altogether, which are enough to keep you busy for a good month or two.

This Top Hulu Series is about an alien tech ship called stargate. This portal is used by the US army to look upon unexplored space.

The aliens are not always friendly towards them. There are plenty of ancient Egyptian similarities found on the show.

5. 12 Monkeys (Series)


12 Monkey is an American TV series based on the actual classic film 12 monkeys of 1995. The show was initially on the SyFy network.

However, by seeing the popularity of the show it is available now on Hulu. The show has four seasons with 47 episodes and is a good watch for sci-fi lovers.

There are 2 strangers on show, and both are preparing for a task to travel back in time.

Moreover, if they won’t perform the task properly then 90 percent of the world will die due to a deadly plague.

6. Annihilation


Annihilation Movie
is an amazing sci-fi movie on Hulu of biological and wildlife. The movie starring Natalie Portman might not perform well in Box office, however, is still a great watch for Sci-fi lovers.

In the movie, the crew gets the task to explore a place named shimmer. Inside this place, the animals and wildlife are mutated with something unpredictable.

Additionally, the animals are now Deadly beast with nowhere to escape. The crew helps the place to get back into its original form by finding a solution to this deadly mutation.

7. Akira


Akira movie is different from the others and is the best Hulu shows original. This animated film was a classic movie for sci-fi watchers.

The movie was released in 1988 and is widely popular around the globe for its genre.

In this movie, the leader of the biker gang gains amazing cosmic powers. The friends then help Akira from the government who wants to use his power to their advantage.

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8. BumbleBee


For a moment forget about every transformers movie and get your eyes straight on the BumbleBee.

Bumblebee is a movie about an Autobot who has been sent to earth as a scout. However, This robot becomes friends with Charlie.

The robot and Charlie team up to defeat the Decepticons as well as the government officials. It has amazing action and cinematics.

The way the camera action took place in the movie makes you believe that you are actually inside the film. This is by far the best show on Hulu.

9. 28 Days Later


28 Days Later is the Best Zombie Movies On Hulu you’re waiting for. Certain animal rights activists free up some animals from a lab. However, these labs are known to experiment with these animals.

After some time the activists realize that it wasn’t such a good idea to let the animals out.

Additionally, the animals carry a special virus that causes rage among them. The guy jake wakes from a coma after 28 days to found out a completely torn town.

10. Super 8


The 2011 sci-fi classic is the best sci-fi action available on Hulu, Super 8 is one of the Top shows on Hulu.

The movie creates nostalgia for watchers because it is based on the same period as other classics such as ET and Close encounters.

A 14-year-old and his friends capture a charismatic creature that isn’t from our world. They take the creature with them and the whole adventure begins.

The Takeaway…

This was the list of 10 Best Hulu Shows. You can also browse other top shows on Hulu directly on the internet.

Comment down below on our comment box which one is your favourite sci-fi movie on Hulu.


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