10 Best Retro Games for Android [2021]




Even as video games are becoming more advanced in the modern era; many of us still long for the classic gameplay that we enjoyed as kids.

Retro games tend to evoke a certain nostalgia and charm that reminds us of our carefree days.

However, you shouldn’t be deceived by their simple graphics. Some retro game titles like Baldur’s Gate, for example, are widely regarded among the most hardcore games ever made.

And although most retro game developers have ceased offering the consistent support that these titles require; most smartphones nowadays come with enough processing juice to run the app versions of these classic games.

This simply means that old-fashioned gamers everywhere can now run classic console titles like Super Mario, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man seamlessly without the aid of complex emulators.

Without further ado, these are the best retro games currently available on the software market for mobile devices:

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Here are the 10 Best Retro Games for Android & iOS

1. DOOM I & II


So you want to install the best retro games for Android systems?! Any experienced player knows that Doom I & II are among the most old-school titles you can find.

These recreated mobile versions are consistent with the original game. They also come along with some extra stuff.

You can celebrate the 25th anniversary of Doom by reliving the classic First Person Shooter experience on your Android smartphone.

This way, you get to enjoy the demon-blasting fun that made the genre so popular.

2. Pac-Man


Next up on our list is Pac-Man. It is hands down one of the most popular retro games for Android systems.

Most adults today can still remember the classic sound of Pac-Man munching along with the ghostly themes from the game.

Here, you get to spend countless hours guiding Pac-Man across different mazes consuming everything in your path while earning high scores.

Some key aspects of the Pac-Man remastered version include the classic arcade gaming mode.

You also get to explore additional mobile mazes, complete daily missions to earn tokens, and enjoy the tournament mode.

3. Old School RuneScape


With RuneScape, you have a veteran MMORPG that was developed for PC back in 2001.

The game comes with many years of content expansion behind it. This smartphone adaptation has managed to rank among the best retro games for Android systems.

This reworked RuneScape edition was made to help players relive the full classic experience anywhere on their mobile touchscreens.

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4. Super Mario Run


Our list of recommended Retro games for Android users would be incomplete without mentioning a Super Mario title.

This remastered version introduces a new concept that lets you play the game with one hand.

You get to control Mario with a simple screen tap even as he is running forward constantly.

Also, you can execute stylish jumps by timing your taps. As usual, Mario can gather coins by performing wall jumps and midair spins as he races towards his goal.

5. Minecraft


That’s right; Minecraft is also a classic. Part of the game’s charm is its old-fashioned graphics.

It also comes with various items and maps for you to craft, explore, and do so much more.

Some players prefer the survival mode while others like to build crazy things in the creative mode.

The latest Minecraft updates have given the game cross-platform support. It is now playable on PC, traditional consoles, and mobile platforms.

You also get to make in-game purchases such as Minecraft Realm add-ons, and character skins.

6. Sonic the Hedgehog


It’s hard to ignore Sonic the Hedgehog during discussions about the best retro games for Android platforms.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of many SEGA console game classics that have been remastered for mobile gaming.

You get to race across 7 different game zones at lightning speeds. Play as Sonic the Hedgehog and run through loop-de-loops to gather rings even as you defeat enemies.

The goal here is to stop the evil Dr. Eggman and save the world from annihilation.

7. Star Wars: KOTOR I & II


You’re about to find out why Star Wars KOTOR I & II are ranked among the best retro games for mobile device users.

These 2 iconic RPG titles from the early 2000sfeatured deep storylines, tons of customization effects, and loads of fun.

Players could choose between making their characters good or evil. The final outcome of the game was also based on your choices.

Although, the character movements are a bit slow and the graphics are quite poor.

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8. Sky Force Reloaded


You’ll enjoy playing Sky Force Reloaded especially if you love aerial shooters.

It is one of the best retro games currently on the software market that has been remastered with modern visuals and design.

Sky Force Reloaded will surely keep you engaged with its intense gameplay dynamics and beautiful effects.

It also comes with in-game collectibles and has a brilliant progression system that usually leaves players wanting more.

9. Metal Slug 3


We strongly recommend that you try out this modernized version of Metal Slug 3. It is undoubtedly one of the best retro games for Android smartphones that we’ve sampled recently.

Metal Slug 3 is an epic 2D action shooting masterpiece that you can now enjoy playing anytime, anywhere.

In the game, players get to uses lugs and various weapons to survive and fight their way through a deadly battlefield.

Metal Slug 3 is the perfect selection for those looking to relive the experience of fast-paced action shooters from the past.

10. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Fans everywhere can now rediscover the groundbreaking Castlevania adventure on their mobile gadgets.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a remake of the classic original from 1997.

It is also one of the best Android retro games on our list that comes with on-screen controls and multi-language support.

This arcade platformer is ideal for players who prefer some hack-and-slash along with a few horror elements.

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People Also Ask For Best Retro Games for Android

Q1. What Retro games should I play?

Ans: There are plenty of Retro games, some of them you can play are:

  • DOOM I & II
  • Super Mario Run
  • Minecraft
  • Star Wars KOTOR I & II
  • The Legend of Zelda

Q2. What is the best retro console to get?

Ans: Here is a list of the best Retro gaming consoles you can get today:

  1. Sega Genesis Mini
  2. Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition
  3. NES Classic Mini
  4. Nintendo NES Classic Edition
  5. SNK Neo-Geo Mini
  6. Sony PlayStation Classic
  7. Nintendo Switch

Q3. Which is the best retro game on Steam?

Ans: Some of the best Retro games on Steam are:

  1. Mega Man
  2. Mario 3
  3. Shovel Knight
  4. Duck Tales
  5. Zelda II
  6. Castelvania 

Rounding Up…

That’s it for our post about the best retro games redeveloped for the foremost mobile devices.

Any one of them is guaranteed to deliver that nostalgic effect that you seek.



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