There’s a good reason why Reddit is constantly being touted as the internet’s front page.

While it’s a great place to gain useful insight from community knowledge; Reddit users have also been known to give out terrible advice.

Reddit is part news, part social media, blended with a huge entertainment factor. You can learn about different kinds of positive things while using Reddit.

You can also waste a lot of your time on some of the subreddit niches. In short, the Reddit platform always has something for everyone.

There, you get to ask questions in the form of posts and receive relevant solutions, opinions, and ideas.

You’ll soon discover that using Reddit apps gives you access to a broader information spectrum instead of visiting the official website.

And since the launch of Reddit apps for mobile users back in 2016, the competition for the best Reddit apps for Android and iOS smartphones has grown even tighter.

After doing our job of sampling and reviewing, we were able to identify the leaders of the pack:

Here are the Best Reddit Apps for Android and IPhone (2021)

1. The Official Reddit App


It makes sense to begin our list of recommended Reddit apps Android and iPhone users should install with the official software tool.

With more than 10 million downloads from users across the globe, the official Reddit app deserves a place on everyone’s smartphones.

The official Reddit application is ideal for casual viewers. It comes with the usual collection of features such as subreddit management, posting tools, comments, and support for Reddit Gold along with a host of others.

Moreover, the app’s UI is tidy and straightforward. This allows the user to get around unencumbered.

2. BaconReader


Looks like you’re serious about installing Reddit apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Then you should know that Bacon Reader is among the most recommended Reddit clients currently available on the software market.

The app is already well known for providing consistent reader support for its teeming userbase.

The Bacon Reader app boasts of a user-friendly interface and a simple Material Design.

It also has different background themes and allows you to use color-coded comment threads.

Besides making your reads look good, this also makes it easier for you to read them.

Here, you’ll find some sophisticated user features like advanced filtering, moderator tools, etc.

3. Boost for Reddit


Let’s now introduce you to Boost for Reddit. Although it is one of the less popular Reddit apps for Android gadgets, a lot of people still enjoy using it –especially since it comes with loads of handy features and customizable reader tools.

While the official Reddit app is limited in terms of its settings and customization options, the Boost app offers more flexibility.

You even get to modify the font size, type, and color to suit your style. Boost for Reddit also comes with the essential spoiler support feature.

4. Infinity for Reddit


Let’s now introduce you to Infinity for Reddit. This feature-rich app is quite eye-catching and it is well-known for offering a smooth Reddit user experience.

Infinity is one of the best Reddit apps for Android devices on the market that is completely free to use.

Moreover, you won’t encounter any sponsored ads here; which means you can surf Reddit without distractions or interruptions.

5. Now for Reddit


We strongly suggest that you check out the Now for Reddit app. It’s a great place to find fresh Reddit content posted across the internet daily.

The Now for Reddit app features thousands of image and video posts for users to view so that they never have to experience any boring moments.

Here’s one of the best Reddit apps for Android users that features loads of funny cat photos and news stories you can browse.

Here, you also get to join discussions about the latest entertainment news stories.

You can even discover all the latest viral video clips everyone else is watching on social media.

6. Reddit Is Fun


The Reddit is a Fun app (aka RIF) was built to give the user an intuitive, quick, and direct interface to the platform.

Also, it has consistently ranked among the best Reddit apps for Android that was built to offer up the standard Reddit experience.

And although RIF might not be the most attractive-looking Reddit app, it is well known for getting the job done properly.

You’ll discover a whole bunch of interesting stuff to view & read. It also features widgets and theming support.

There are moderator tools along with the standard collection of features found on most Reddit apps.

7. Relay for Reddit


With the Relay for Reddit client, you have one of the best Reddit apps for Android and iOS platforms that were developed to help you browse through your favorite threads like a pro.

It comes with a slightly trendy User Interface that can be used to zoom in and out of your digital reads and images.

The app boasts of a Material Design along with card-based operations which make for improved all-around readability.

Fortunately, the free Relay for Reddit app version is packed with loads of handy features.

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8. RedReader


RedReader is yet another recommendation on our list of best Reddit apps for Android devices that is free to use.

With this unofficial, open-source Reddit client, you get to enjoy multi-account support features.

There’s even a night reader theme mode that looks good and makes reading easier on the eyes.

9. Removed for Reddit


You’re about to install Removed for Reddit. And while it might not one of the best Reddit apps for Android since it isn’t a full-fledged Reddit client; it’s still very useful for people who enjoy spending a lot of their time on Reddit.

The app operates by using the website to display user comment threads that were initially deleted by moderators.

It also has many other such features that could prove useful for many different purposes.

10. Sync for Reddit


Sync for Reddit might be the final entry on our listicle, but it is one of the top performers.

It is a feature-laden app that was developed for browsing the widely used Reddit website – even while on the go.

The app aims to deliver the best and most updated Reddit experience to the user. The Sync for Reddit app comes with multiple windows and account support.

There’s also a night theme mode as well as a separate AMOLED-based theme.

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Thanks for reading our post about recommended Reddit apps Android and iPhone users must have.

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