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Smoking is a very bad addiction. The person who uses it is well aware that he can become ill due to this. Still, he smokes.

There are some such applications in today’s digital world, which can help you to a great extent in controlling smoking addiction.

So let’s know about the features associated with quit smoking apps, which you can find in Google Play Store and Apps Store.

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Here are the 5 Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2021

1. Quit Now Quit Smoking


If you want to quit a bad addiction like smoking, but it is getting difficult for you, then you can try this free quitting smoking app.

Let me tell you that there are some simple steps associated with smoking, which will encourage you to quit smoking.

It tells you how long you have been smoke-free, how much money you saved by not smoking, and how many cigarettes you did not use.

In addition, it also gives information about changes in the body after quitting smoking. If you have any questions related to smoking, you can take the help of ‘The Quit Now Bot’.

This will only increase your knowledge. There is also a facility of community chat where you can chat with those users who have stopped smoking.

You will get more features in the Pro version of this app. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

2. Quit Tracker


This app can also be a good tool for you to quit smoking. It tracks smoking and tells you how much it will increase your life.

You can also analyze the waste of money on smoking. This app will also tell you how long you can stay without smoking.

In this app you also get Motivation Tools, which can help you in quitting smoking.

In this, you have many useful features like health then you can go to the section and see what kind of positive changes in the body are caused by quitting smoking.

Through the tracking feature, it will be helpful to know how close you are to quitting smoking. You can download this app from Google Play Store.

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3. Stop Smoking – EasyQuit free


Stop smoking app will also help you to put a brake on smoking addiction.

This app has a money statistic feature, which tells you how much money you waste due to smoking.

Apart from this, when you have the desire to drink cigarettes, you can play a memory game here, which will help in taking a break from smoking.

Stop Smoking app is available to download on Google Play Store.

4. Smoke Free


In this app, you will get 30+ best techniques that will help you to quit smoking.

Leaving Smoking with Smoke-free app is very simple and effective. Smoke-free APP can help any cigarette smoker person to stop smoking.

The smoke-Free app helps you quit smoking so that you can make your life a better choice. It helps you find out what quit methods work for you.

By quitting smoking you can see that your savings will increase with every cigarette you did not buy and treat yourself.

5. Quit Genius – Best way to quit smoking


Quiet Genius is the best app to quit smoking and vaping on this list. More than 50,000 smokers have successfully stopped smoking cigarettes using this app personally and scientifically.

Apart from this, when you have the desire to smoke cigarettes, you can play a memory game here, which will help you in taking a break from smoking.

With this app, you can set your own goal to leave smoking addiction.

The best thing about this app is when you quit smoking and vaping you will get one year of support that you never go back to smoking again!

You can download this app from Google Play Store for free.

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The Round-Up…

Here ends our post about the Best Quit Smoking Apps of 2021. You can bookmark this page for updates on the forthcoming Android apps.

Don’t be hesitate to comment on our comment box. We are available 24/7 for our blog readers.


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