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The Apple OS is undoubtedly a stable and efficient modern-day tool. It is also well known for being aesthetically pleasing.

But you’ll soon discover that the optimized use of your iDevice goes beyond using only the pre-installed apps that come with the gadget.

Especially since Apple still stubbornly refuses to make the platform even more user-friendly by adding simpler features.

Moreover, the in-built Apple apps tend to have limited functionality unlike what we’ve come to expect from other third-party programs.

Did you just invest in a new MacBook computer? Or perhaps you want to refresh your old one with trendy apps.

Below, you’ll find a handpicked selection of the best Mac apps you won’t want to miss using.

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Here are the 10 Best Mac Apps 2021


1. Amphetamine


So you want to use the best Mac apps for free?! You should try Amphetamine – a powerful tool that allows you to keep your Mac machine awake even after the lid has been closed.

You can choose to let your PC stay awake until a specified time, for a certain period, or indefinitely.

Although Amphetamine is free to use, you won’t encounter any annoying ads. It also supports deactivation reminders and hotkey commands.

2. HyperDock


With HyperDock, you have one of the best Mac apps anyone can use to enable advanced features for window management on their MacBook OS.

It was built to provide the full-fledged functionalities that so many users have desperately craved.

Once installed on your MacBook, you can simply drag any window from the left or right edge of your screen, and it will snap automatically to occupy the selected portion of your display.

This way, you get to save yourself a considerable amount of time that would have been spent on expanding windows by dragging from their corners.

3. Parallels Desktop 13


Let’s now introduce you to Parallels Desktop 13; it is undoubtedly one of the best Mac apps worth having.

Have you missed using some of your old reliable Windows apps on your new MacBook computer? You shouldn’t worry too much because the latest Parallels Desktop 13 software version can restore them for you.

That’s right; Parallels Desktop 13 will let you run all your old Windows apps on any MacBook computer — without rebooting.

It operates by enabling seamless apps and virtual desktop delivery onto any device.

Thus providing you with an efficient way to use and manage Microsoft Windows OS in conjunction with macOS.

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4. Duet


Looks like you’re serious about downloading the best Mac apps for free.

Then you should certainly check out Duet; a handy software tool that transforms your iDevice into a portable monitor for your MacBook. This way, you don’t have to work with a single screen or display.

The Duet application operates by using Apple’s lightning cables to tether your iPhone or iPad to your MacBook.

It then syncs the app across both devices. Once this is done, you can simply drag apps or files across windows onto the screen of your iDevice like you would with an extra monitor.

5. Atom

best Mac apps for free
best Mac apps for free

Atom also ranks among the best Mac apps for free use this year – especially for coders on the lookout for a reliable text editor.

It is best described as a desktop application that comes with JavaScript, HTML, Node.js, and CSS integration.

Atom can also boast of various flexible and customizable solutions which make the app the ideal option for all kinds of uses.

It lets you perform different operations ranging from a simple change of the font size to more complex actions like adjusting image colors and graphics intensity.

6. Logic Pro X


Logic Pro X is hands down one of the best Mac apps currently available on the software market; especially if you’re a professional music producer or even for jamming in your spare time.

This is a highly advanced creative software tool that was built for beat-making beat mixing, as well as for professional songwriting, and editing.

Also, Logic Pro X is compatible with your iPad, which effectively serves as an alternative touch-based method for creating your music structures.

This way with Logic Pro X, you get to simply drag & drop music blocks within the primary visual editing tool.

7. Microsoft To Do


With Microsoft To-Do, you have a brilliant task management application that assists the user with organizing, planning, and managing their daily lives.

It operates by helping you accomplish the most important tasks every day.

The Microsoft To-Do app features personalized day planner tools, along with a host of extra features including fun themes, emojis, and color-coding to make you look forward to planning your day.

From notes to shopping lists, reminders, and to-do lists, this app has got you covered.

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8. Evernote


You should try the Evernote app for Mac, Android, or iOS, systems if you’re looking to become more organized and increase your overall productivity.

Since its launch, Evernote has gradually evolved into an indispensable note-taking app for millions of users.

What makes Evernote stand out from other apps in its class is the sheer variety of features on offer.

Apart from typing up and organizing notes, you can use tags and combinations of folders.

You also get to embed links to Google Drive documents which can be opened with a single click.



Perhaps you’re on the lookout for the best Mac apps for photo editing and image manipulation; you’ll be pleased to know that GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a great open-source image editor that is free to use.

This photo manipulation tool comes with multi-platform support.

GIMP also features various pro-level functions which anyone can use to modify images into different formats. You even get to create fresh images out of nothing.

10. Ulysses


Ulysses is the final entry on our listicle but it is by no means the least resourceful. It is the best writing app for mac.

It has been touted as the Ultimate Writing App for iPhone, MacBook, and other iDevices – and with good reason too.

The Ulysses interface is extremely minimalistic. It was designed to allow the user to perform their writing tasks without the distractions associated with cluttered menus.

And when you’re done writing, you can easily format documents in attractive ways using any of the available export styles.

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Rounding Up…

That’s it for our discussion; now you know where and how to get the best Mac apps free of charge and paid.

Don’t be hesitate to comment on our comment box. We are available 24/7 for our blog readers.


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