Android is the most widely used operating system on the planet – and with good reason too. There’s an Android app for just about anything!

Unsurprisingly, the global Android userbase is also made up of skilled hacking enthusiasts.

This ethical community of users has inspired the development of useful hacking apps.

That’s right! Hacking also has some positive aspects and applications; especially if you’re a professional software tester or network administrator.

You’ll need basic knowledge on how to run tests/scans for information gathering and exposing vulnerabilities on Android systems.

Without further ado, here’s a curated list of the most effective hacking apps for Android we’ve sampled recently.

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Here are the 10 Best Hacking Apps for Android

1. Kali Linux NetHunter


Let’s start by introducing you to Kali Linux NetHunter. It is a foremost open-source penetration & testing platform for Android-based operating systems.

Kali NetHunter is free and user-friendly. It is also one of the best Android hacking apps for Nexus and OnePlus One devices.

The Kali Linux NetHunter app comes with several handy functions including an AP mode, and wireless injection. It can also be used to perform HID keyboard attacks.

It operates by running a control overlay on your smart device to detect internet traffic. Unfortunately, Kali NetHunter is only supported on a few devices.

2. AndroRAT


AndroRAT is the next entry on our listicle and it is undoubtedly one of the best hacking apps for Android systems we’ve sampled recently.

The name AndroRAT implies a combination of Android-powered Remote Administrative Tools (RAT).

AndroRAT is essentially a client-server tool that can provide the user with administrative access to everyone connected to their personal network.

This way, you get to view all kinds of private info including SMS, recent call logs, contacts, and MMS.

Once installed on a target’s Android device, the AndroRAT application runs as a background service so you can gather information while remaining undetected.

3. Hackode


So you want to install the best Android hacking apps?! Then we strongly recommend using Hackode for your penetration testing, scanning, and reconnaissance operations.

Cybersecurity professionals, IT administrators, and ethical hackers, can use Hackode to perform multiple tasks.

Like most of the other tools on our list of hacking apps for Android, the Hackode UI is very basic and easy to understand.

Moreover, you can acquire a lot of private client data including handy info like their Wifi passwords.

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4. Droidsheep


With Droidsheep, you have one of the most effective hacking apps currently available in cyberspace.

It was specially developed for security analysts who are more focused on penetrating local Wifi networks.

This open-source Android-powered software will provide you with access to unprotected client web-browser sessions across most Wifi networks.

Droidsheep mimics a router’s operations to intercept and monitor your target’s Wifi network traffic. It also fetches info on active session profiles.

It offers an effective method for sniffing popular social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and others.

5. zANTI


You’re about to download zANTI; one of the best hacking apps out there that can provide security managers with effective risk level assessments for any network.

This security analysis tool is also great for performing mobile penetration testing operations.

Once you install the zANTI app, it begins mapping out the client’s entire network. It then proceeds to sniff out their entire web browser history along with their saved cookies.

6. cSploit


Perhaps you’d prefer to install Android hacking apps that offer more powerful features; then you won’t want to miss out on using cSploit.

With cSploit, you can crack most Wifi passwords easily. You can even choose to create backdoor network options that can be used for access later.

The cSploit app also lets you perform other advanced hacking operations like forging UDP & TCP packets, man-in-the-middle attacks, out-of-the-box Metasploit frameworks, and many more.

It is especially useful for exposing network security vulnerabilities.

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7. FaceNiff


FaceNiff has ranked among the best Android hacking apps that can be used to obtain client passwords and credentials from Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

It targets the online activity from devices sharing the same Wifi network.

Once you install the FaceNiff app on a rooted smartphone, you can sniff and intercept Wifi network traffic quite easily.

This brilliant hacking tool operates by stealing cookies from targeted Wifi networks and then providing the attacker with unrestricted access to their victim’s account.

8. Shark For Root


You can install the Shark For Root application right now on your rooted Android device.

Once done, it can be used to intercept and sniff client traffic on any 3G and Wifi network. It is an advanced software tool created for hackers and security experts.

Besides the ability to intercept and read internet data packets across multiple devices, the Shark For Root app is also useful for performing network traffic analysis.

9. Nmap


This latest Nmap software version has ranked among the most popular and free security network scanning tools for Android and PC operating systems.

This open-source utility can be used to perform discovery and security auditing operations on both rooted and unrooted devices.

The Nmap app comes with features that are highly recommended for newbie Android hackers.

10. Wi-Fi Kill


Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for the best game hacking apps you can install; your search ends here!

As its name implies, WifiKill was built to disable Wifi network connectivity. Once connected to the same network as the client, this robust software tool will intercept and block all packet data from entering their device.

Fortunately, WifiKill also comes with a simple interface, so even newbie hackers can operate this Android hacking apps.

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Wrapping Up…

That’s it for our discussion about the most effective hack tools you can install and use right now.

You must always remember to make responsible use of any personal information you have obtained through hacks.


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