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In today’s digital world privacy and data security is a common concern of netizens.

Most people prefer a private secure connection on their android devices instead of connecting to a public network.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a way of securing data privacy while connecting to the internet.

VPN allows an encrypted connection to the internet without the risk of data loss or hacking.

It provides a secure and anonymous transfer of data over the internet. VPN also allows access to restricted or censored sites and applications.

Most of the VPNs currently provide secure connectivity over premium services.

However, a few of the best free VPNs for android also provide premium service requiring a subscription for the paid version.

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Here are the 10 Best Free VPN Apps for 2021

1. ProtonVPN

Proton VPN is one of the best free VPNs for Android that is currently available in the market.

The free VPN version of ProtonVPN offers unlimited data usage. Proton VPN includes an automatic kill switch feature.

This feature disconnects the device from the internet in case of VPN connection is lost until the VPN connection is again restored.

It also uses OpenVPN which is the most secure VPN protocol. It also secures the device against accidental DNS or IP leaks.

All these features make Proton VPN among the best free VPN for 2021.

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. Unlimited data usage in the free VPN version.
  2. Automatic Kill Switch feature available.
  3. Protection against accidental IP or DNS Leaks.
  4. Uses the unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption and OpenVPN protocol.
  5. In the free version, the server access is limited to the US, Netherlands, and Japan.
    However, this does not severely impact the speed limit.
  6. It can unblock multiple high-speed streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, etc.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is again one of the best free VPNs as it provides amazing features in the free version.

It has no data usage limit and provides top-notch security features. It does not keep any activity log or connection log.

ExpressVPN also provides 24/7 customer service so users can use the free VPN version without much hassle.

Unlike many, ExpressVPN provides unlimited bandwidth. ExpressVPN can be termed as the best free VPN for 2021.

The only restriction of ExpressVPN is it allows 5 devices to be connected at once. 

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. Unlimited data usage for all users.
  2. 160 accessible server locations available in 94 countries.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth that provides extremely fast speed.
  4. Uses 256-bit AES encryption
  5. Provides Automatic Kill Switch feature.
  6. The free version can connect 5 devices
  7. It can unblock only streaming services with a few restrictions. For example, only Netflix USA can be unblocked.

3. IPVanish

The most significant feature of IPVanish is also free unlimited data. This VPN apps also offers no limitation on device connection.

IPVanish guarantees a transparent no-log policy and offers 24/7 customer service. It has a large network server presence in several countries.

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. One of the most secure and best free VPNs available in terms of security.
  2. It again has unlimited data and speed limit.
  3. It provides a secure no-log policy.
  4. Military level 256-bit AES encryption.
  5. Provides protection against DNS and IP leaks.
  6. IPVanish allows Netflix and other streaming services access in the free version. However,
    the right server needs to be figured out.
  7. One limitation of IPVanish is, it cannot always bypass all VPN blocks.

4. Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a built-in free extension inside the Opera web browser. This is the last android option that provides completely free unlimited monthly data usage.

It also provides high speed and bandwidth for web surfing. However, it does not have any app.

The offered level of security is lower than other available apps. OperaVPN only protects data transfer over the internet.

It does not encrypt the data from the apps. It may not be the best free VPNs available.

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. Unlimited high-speed data usage without any slowness.
  2. It offers server locations in the US, Asia, and Europe.
  3. Encryption and security level are lower than most competitors.
  4. Streaming services like Netflix cannot be unblocked.

5. Windscribe

Windscribe is another amazing lightweight, user-friendly, and free VPN app available for Android.

It is among the Best free VPNs for Android. Windscribe has recently upgraded its monthly data usage limit to 10 GB along with another extra 5GB if the user tweets about the company.

It also has built-in ad and malware blockers in the free version. This makes Windscribe one of the best free VPNs for android devices.

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Key Features and Limitations:

  1. Light-weight easy android app.
  2. Total of 15 GB of free monthly data usage.
  3. Unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption.
  4. Great speed over 10 server locations
  5. Built-in ad and malware block and protect against data and IP leaks.
  6. The free version cannot unblock all streaming services.
  7. Sometimes unstable connection or slowness is observed.

6. NordVPN 

NordVPN is said to be the best free VPN for 2021 even with its data usage limitation in the free version.

It has a daily data usage limit of 500 MB which makes it a total of almost 15 GB of monthly data limit.

NordVPN provides a completely secure and encrypted connection by using 256-bit encryption.

It has around 6000 servers in more than 59 countries which gives it extremely high speed.

NordVPN can be considered among the best free VPNs. Its high-security CyberSec technology automatically blocks ads, malware, and suspicious activities.

It can unblock multiple streaming services.

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. It guarantees high-end security and data protection
  2. NordVPN offers protection against DNS leaks.
  3. It has a strict automatic kill switch and no-logging policy
  4. NordVPN can unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Amazon Prime, and many other streaming
  5. The only limitation of NordVPN is the daily data usage limit of 500 MB.

7. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the high-speed free VPN apps available. This VPN app offers 500 MB daily data usage.

This roughly amounts to more than 14 GB of data usage. It does not even require logging in for the free version of the app.

It has a no-logging policy and 256-bit encryption that allows extremely high security.

Hotspot Shield offers 7 days free trial period with all premium features. It also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee offer for the premium version.

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. Military level encryption and high-speed data usage.
  2. P2P connection supports high-speed torrenting. However, limited by data usage.
  3. It offers a strict no connection or activity log policy.
  4. The free version is ad-supported and has only 2 server locations.
  5. The key limitation is this app has a 500 MB free daily data usage limit.

8. Betternet VPN 

Betternet VPN is one of the simplest and most user-friendly android apps for IP masking.

It has a daily 500 MB data usage limit which in total provides more than 14 GB of high-speed data connection.

After huge criticism received in 2016, Betternet made few changes to its policies.

Betternet VPN supports high-speed P2P activity making it one of the best free VPNs for torrenting.

Betternet claims to have 256-bit encryption. However, it does not protect against data leaks. It also keeps activity logs.

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. 256-bit AES encryption and high-speed data usage.
  2. P2P connection supports high-speed torrenting.
  3. The key limitation is this app has a 500 MB free daily data usage limit.
  4. It may cause security issues as it keeps activity logs.
  5. It also does not provide automatic kill-switch or DNS leak protection.

9. Speedify VPN

Speedify VPN offers a monthly data usage limit of 2 GB. However, Speedify offers global servers that allow high bandwidth and amazing speed for browsing.

It also has an automatic kill switch. This may not be among the best free VPN for 2021 to be used for streaming.

But, Speedify offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if it is not used for longer which gives unlimited data usage.

Key Features and Limitations:

  1. Can be connected to 2 devices.
  2. Automatic kill switch, and failover features available.
  3. Can block malware and unsecured servers
  4. Good P2P connectivity.
  5. Provides fast and secure connectivity.
  6. Can unblock streaming services.
  7. The only limitations are low data limit and streaming is difficult.

10. provide monthly 2GB of free data usage. This app is great for unblocking websites for browsing.

This is one of the best free VPN apps that provide very high-speed data usage and great security.

However, it may not be among the best free VPNs for android for streaming. It also allows an automatic kill switch feature.

The best feature of VPN is its Stealth Mode. This mode allows the user to choose which app to run when not connected to the VPN. also has a strict no-logging policy.

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Key Features and Limitations:

  1. The Stealth Mode feature grants the users an option to choose which app to run while not
    connected to VPN
  2. It provides high-end security and bandwidth.
  3. Provides automatic kill switch feature.
  4. Great for web browsing.
  5. The main limitation of this app is its monthly data usage limit of 2 GB.
  6. cannot unblock streaming services.

In Conclusion:

To be honest, it is very difficult to find a VPN that is truly secure, has high-speed connectivity, poses no DNS or IP leak, and is free.

There will always be some limitations to free versions. Free versions should be chosen based on personal usage.

Free VPN apps work best for short-term use. However, they are not recommended for long-term usage.


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