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Disney is the only entertainment company existing today that has successfully kept 3 generations of avid fans glued to their TV screens.

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t seen or doesn’t enjoy watching animated productions from Walt Disney Studios.

Moreover, Disney is fast becoming one of the (if not THE) largest media companies in the industry. They already own ESPN, ABC, Lucasfilm, and Marvel.

This simply means that there are now multiple channels through which fans can access and interact with Disney content.

The company is now using Disney mobile apps to broaden its digital horizons.

People are looking to install free Disney apps for Android devices so they can enjoy the classic Disney experience at home or while on the go.

The Disney app service has loads of TV shows, movies, and music content spread across various genres.

So we decided to do our job of sampling and sorting to help our dear readers find exactly what they are looking for.

Here are our thoughts on the best Disney apps for Android and iOS systems you can install right now.

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Here are the Top 10 Paid and Free Disney Apps for Android

1. Disney+


The Disney+ app tops our list of free Disney apps for android. It could easily turn out to be the go-to streaming source of all your favourite entertainment titles.

It is one of the best Disney apps for Android systems that come with limitless entertainment options.

Here, you can expect to find awesome stories from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and even National Geographic.

With the Disney+ app installed on your smart device, you won’t have to experience any dull moments as there are always new things to discover.

2. DisneyNow


With the DisneyNow app, installed on your smartphone, you can conveniently access all your favourite Disney movies, TV shows, documentaries, and games from one location.

It is undoubtedly one of the best Disney apps that lets you stream content wherever and whenever.

Moreover, the DisneyNow app has customizable features and can integrate well with most cable TV providers.

This means viewers can log in and connect to the DisneyNow service via their existing cable TV account info and expand their access to Disney TV content even further.

3. iHeartRadio Family


Perhaps you’d prefer to install one of the best free Disney apps for Android gadgets?!

You’ll be pleased to know that the latest iHeartRadio Family app version has been recreated to deliver an unforgettable experience.

It comes with more than 80 entertainment channels on offer for both children and their parents.

Of course, you can expect that most of them will include loads of original Disney content.

But, if you want to enjoy other handy in-app features like unlimited skips, you can always upgrade to the premium app version.

4. Fandom by Wikia


Let’s now introduce you to the Fandom app by Wikia. It is yet another one of the best Disney apps currently available on the software market.

It is powered by the passion of the fans. The Fandom app was developed to provide its users with a place where they can enjoy their love for Disney’s entertainment culture while engaging with other like-minded fans.

It generally provides the user with daily news about movies, TV shows, characters, and selected games as well.

You can also learn more about Disney pop culture by answering some trivia questions about your favourite movies, TV shows, or Disney characters.

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5. Internet TV


Download the Internet TV software right now and you can go ahead to discover why it has ranked among the best Disney apps for mobile systems.

The Internet TV app is free to use and it was developed to let you stream from the latest online news and entertainment sources.

Thanks to services like the Internet TV app, watching your favourite TV content is now easier and more affordable than ever before.

It boasts of popular TV services such as Sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, and PlayStation Vue, Each of them comes with loads of entertaining child-friendly content.

6. Movies Anywhere


You’re about to download the Movies Anywhere entertainment software. It is arguably the best Disney app for movies currently available on the Google PlayStore.

Unlike most of the other apps on our list, Movies Anywhere is not a standalone streaming service. It is more of a movie streaming service collection.

Users can sign in using their Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, or Amazon accounts. This way, all of the movies you have purchased on each of those platforms will be accessible from one location.

7. My Disney Experience


Say hello to My Disney Experience; free Disney apps for android that were developed for both Android and iOS smart devices.

It grants you instant access to all your favourite Disney content, Parade Showtimes, Character Greetings, and much more.

You can also use its GPS-enabled interactive map to explore the entire vacation offerings of the famous Disney Land Resort.

This way, holiday seekers can easily see the attractions available and plan properly for their vacation.

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8. Reddit


That’s right; the popular Reddit platform is also a great place for Disney fans to enjoy awesome content.

The service boasts various subreddits and links to Star Wars movies, Marvel properties, as well as classic Disney titles.

It also offers an excellent platform for sharing ideas with other Disney fans. With the Reddit app, you get to read up about the latest Marvel and Star Wars topics.

You can also share ideas about other Disney-related properties across various online communities.

9. Official Disney Apps


Because Disney is a huge entertainment company, there are dozens of official Disney mobile apps for android associated with its services.

Some of them were developed to provide more specific entertainment properties. A few examples of such apps include the official apps for Marvel, Star Wars, ABC, ESPN, and others.

Any of these official Disney apps can serve as direct channels of interaction with Disney’s extensive collection of media companies.

This simply means that you can read classic Marvel comics via the Marvel app. You can also get trending Star Wars news with the Star Wars app. The same goes for the ABC programming app.

10. YouTube


Obviously, the popular YouTube platform could easily turn out to be one of the best Disney apps for fans out there.

Here, users can quickly browse and find their favourite Disney content including an assortment of memes and short video clips from various TV shows and movies.

YouTube is also a great place to check out all the upcoming movies, TV shows, and video game trailers.

Moreover, Disney Studios has an official YouTube VEVO channel that already boasts of more than 11 million subscribers.

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People Also Ask For Best Disney Apps for Android 2021

Q1. Which Disney app is the best?

Ans: In my opinion, My Disney Experience is the best Disney app if you are travelling to Disney World.

Q2. Which app can I use to watch Disney movies?

Ans: You can use these apps to watch Disney movies:

  • Disney+
  • DisneyNow
  • Disney Channel
  • Youtube

Q3. Is there an app to watch Disney movies for free?

Ans: Yes, you can watch Disney movies for free on DisneyLife – Watch Movies & TV by starting your FREE TRIAL.

In Conclusion…

Here ends our discussion about the best Disney apps currently available on the software market.

Any one of them can expand your entertainment options in limitless ways.



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10 Best Disney Apps for Android 2021

Disney is the only entertainment company existing today that has successfully kept 3 generations of avid fans glued to their TV screens.