Are you looking to unlock full access features or upgrades of any Android game or application without spending any money? Your search ends here with hack free in-app purchases for android.

And while we would never encourage using hacks to break laws or the terms & conditions of app licenses, modern technology now enables us to bypass online shopping protocols to make free in app purchases android.

Such tools can be used to remove annoying sponsored ads, obtain exclusive game rewards, and even help you to advance a few levels!

Although some of them are rather complicated to operate and may require user-specific configurations and settings on your mobile phones, others are quite user-friendly and can be operated without rooting your device.

You too can save some hard-earned dollars by installing any of the best software tools currently available on the internet to android in-app purchases hack.

Is It Even Possible To Make Free In-App Purchases Without Root?

Before deep-diving into our guide on the best Android apps you can use to make a free in-app purchase, you should have a basic understanding of what to expect from the hacking tools we’ve highlighted below.

Android games/apps can generally be divided into two main categories:

  • Offline – Such apps or games can operate without internet connectivity. User data gets stored locally on your gaming device. For example Temple Run.
  • Online – These apps or games simply cannot work without internet connectivity. User data gets stored online on the game’s remote server locations. For example Clash of Clans.

You can only manipulate in-app purchases made on offline apps/games. This is made possible because of the local storage of user data on your device.

Get the Best Tools Built for Free In-App Purchases



With Lucky Patcher, you have a top-quality in-app purchase tool for Android that is free to use. It was built to operate seamlessly on both rooted & non-rooted devices although it performs better on rooted drives.

Apart from enabling free in app purchases, this latest Lucky Patcher APK version also assists the user with emulating and synchronizing specific Android applications. You can also use Lucky Patcher to remove sponsored ads, modify app permissions, and much more.



Let’s now introduce you to Freedom; yet another reliable app that lets you make free in-app purchases of Android-based software. As the name implies, Freedom APK offers you the freedom to complete free in-app purchases on any Android-based app.

However, your device must first be rooted before the Freedom app can be used to manipulate in-app purchases on Android systems.

Once installed, the Freedom app can be used to disable sponsored ads on any free app version. It can also be used to make game upgrades without paying actual cash.

3. CreeHack


So you want to install the best apps to hack in-app purchases on Android!? You won’t want to miss out on using CreeHack.

This remarkable software tool was built to enable the user to manipulate Android-based apps/games. You can also use it to score android in-app purchases hack.

You can install this latest CreeHack APK to obtain virtual money, coins, game characters, gems, and advance to higher levels. It lets you play your favorite games for longer and without any limitations.

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4. XModGames 


You’re about to install XModGames; one of the best free in-app purchases Android tools currently available in cyberspace.

XModGames comes with preloaded lists of mods/accelerators that are updated regularly.

This brilliant software tool can be used to hack your favorite Android mobile games including Candy Crush, Color Switch, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Subway Surfers, Piano Tiles, Minecraft, and many more.

It has a user-friendly interface that anyone can understand. Unfortunately, however, the XModGames APK only works on rooted Android devices.

5. Leo PlayCard


You’ll enjoy using the Leo PlayCard tool to android in-app purchases hack. It offers the user a great method for unlocking game characters and obtaining virtual coins, gems, keys, and extra life bonuses without spending their hard-earned dollars.

Moreover, using Leo PlayCard won’t require a rooted device as it was built to operate effortlessly on all Android systems.

6. AppSara


You should seriously consider AppSara if you’re serious about installing no root software for making in-app purchases free of charge.

It lets you unlock full-featured benefits on almost any Android apps or game. It was built to offer a user-friendly approach to bypassing payments for android in-app purchase hacks.

AppSara is already quite popular amongst members of global gaming communities who would rather not spend actual cash to obtain gems, coins, and unlock premium app features.

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People Also Ask For Free in app Purchases

Q1. Is there a way to get in-app purchases for free?

Ans: Yes, you can access free in-app purchases through Xmodgames. The Xmodgames app unlocks purchases in games like ‘Clash Royale‘, ‘Clash of Clans‘, ‘8 Ball Pool‘, etc.

Q2. Is Lucky patcher really a virus?

Ans: No this statement is false, Lucky Patcher is not a virus. The Lucky Patcher app is not found on the play store, so it is considered a virus. If you download this app from Lucky Patcher’s website then it is malware or virus-free.

The Takeaway

Here ends our discussion about the most effective software tools for manipulating in-app purchases. Feel free to check back here for more on the latest Android hacks, tips, and tricks.


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