Friends, are you looking for the best antivirus for iPhone? If yes, You have come here to the right place.

We have reviewed and ranked all the top iPhone antivirus available on the market.

So you can easily choose the best product to protect your and your family’s data, privacy, and identity.

As you probably already know, iPhones are among the best smartphones known for having a secure operating system – the iOS by Apple.

Unlike its Android counterpart, iOS is a closed software. Apps do not directly interact with other apps’ data or the system.

This makes iOS invulnerable. Additionally, there are no third-party apps that are usually known for propagating malware.

Though, this doesn’t mean that iPhones can’t be affected by other cybersecurity threats.

Although, your iPhone can be impacted by zero-day vulnerabilities, privacy threats, Wi-Fi attacks, social engineering, phishing scams.

Antivirus for iPhone offers advanced security and privacy features such as secure web, VPN, ad blockers, vulnerability alert, Wi-Fi protection, antitheft, password managers, cloud backup, and even file encryption.

Moreover, premium antivirus for iPhone products provides excellent value for money and peace of mind.

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Here are the Best Antivirus for iPhone 2021

3. Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS


Trend Micro is renowned for advanced security and privacy in the desktop realms.

For iOS, this best iPhone antivirus offers you an enhanced and secure digital life via its Mobile security.

True to its tagline, Trend Micro ensures that your online activities are safe no matter which platforms you use.

Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS packs various features and functionalities to deliver privacy and web protection.

They include Web guard, which offers protection against online scams. Ad blockers, trackers, and malicious websites blocker via the Safari content blocker.

  • Built-in secure browser for safe surfing.
  • A Wi-Fi checker.
  • A data usage monitor
  • An Antitheft utility that locates your iPhone via GPS,
  • Wi-Fi, and mobile networks.
  • iMessage protection
  • Privacy safeguard for social media
  • QR code scanner
  • Device status access.

Trend Micro does an excellent job of ensuring your digital privacy is not compromised in terms of protection.

Using the content blocker and its cloud-based Smart Protection Network, threats are stopped before they can impact you.

Additionally, this security solution will prevent potentially malicious websites from loading.

Regarding performance, you won’t notice any lag or rapid decrease in battery life when using Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS.

Trend Micro iPhone antivirus offers many pricing options for its Mobile Security solution.

  • The monthly subscription costs $4.99 with auto-renewal.
  • A yearly subscription costs $19.99 with auto-renewal.
  • The 1-year license goes for $18.99. Finally, a 2-year license goes for $31.99.

Besides Mobile Security for iOS, Trend Micro offers a multi-platform product called Trend Micro Maximum Security.

Its notable features include protection for up to 5 devices, secure transactions, safeguard against online threats, privacy shield, parental control, performance optimization, password manager, among other features.

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2. McAfee Mobile Security for iOS


McAfee Mobile Security for iOS offers great protection that keeps your personal life away from prying eyes.

Additionally, it ensures that your iPhone is safe while browsing the internet.

Overall, this Best iPhone antivirus is an excellent choice for safeguarding your online activities such as online banking and shopping.

Additionally, it offers lucrative features that won’t let you down. They include System Security Scan and Secure Wi-Fi Scanner.

The scanner also detects if your system is outdated. Media and Photo Vault that safeguards your private data.

Anti-Theft Protection tracks and locates your iPhone via GPS, Contacts Backup, Safe web, and a Wi-Fi Guard VPN.

McAfee’s robust and comprehensive Mobile Security protects your iPhone from various system vulnerabilities and threats as far as protection is concerned.

It also alerts you if it finds issues threatening your privacy and other bugs.

Performance-wise, this product is not resource nor power-hungry. While using it, you are easily able to multitask without compromising your iPhone’s performance.

McAfee uses two different pricing plans for its Mobile Security for iOS.

A Standard subscription costs $29.99 per year for one device. And a Plus subscription costing $79.99 per year for one device.

If you wish to protect your other devices running on different platforms, you can use McAfee Total Protection.

This antivirus for iPhone suite will meet your security needs in Windows, macOS, Android, and even iOS.

Its noteworthy features include premium protection, safe browsing, secure VPN, ID theft protection, performance optimization, various utilities, and home network security.

1. Norton Security for iOS


Lastly, our top pick for the best antivirus for iPhone is Norton Security for iOS.

Norton Security for iOS is a top-notch security solution for your iPhone.

This antivirus for iPhone provides you the latest features along with ultimate privacy and protection.

This product ensures you get the best malware defense in the ever-increasingly dangerous digital landscape without slowing down your device.

Norton delivers this protection in three categories through its features. They include Wi-Fi Security, Web Protection, and Device Security.

Wi-Fi Security scans your Wi-Fi networks and warns you if they are unsafe or under a man-in-the-middle attack.

The Web Protection feature protects you against malicious websites, emails, apps, and SMS.

The Device Security guards your device against various system vulnerabilities and alerts you if your system is outdated.

Norton Security for iOS uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to detect and block all sorts of malware threats.

These technologies use predictive online threat techniques to deliver powerful and effective protection against prying eyes, phishing, scams, and other privacy and security threats.

As far as performance goes, Norton Security for iOS doesn’t impact your iPhone’s performance at all.

When it comes to Norton’s user interface, the all-new Norton Security app sports an intuitive decluttered interface.

Its three major features are accessible by a single tap. Navigation is not needed. Other functionalities can be easily accessed via the menu on each feature page.

Regarding the pricing structure, Norton provides a single straightforward subscription plan for its Mobile Security for iPhone.

Norton’s yearly subscription for first-time users costs $14.99 for the first year. It then renews at $ 29.99/year.

To protect other devices running on different platforms, Norton offers a multi-platform solution called Norton 360 Deluxe.

This solution provides advanced multilayer protection for all your devices, including Windows, macOS, and Android.

Its features include a secure VPN, real-time protection, parental control, dark web monitoring, cloud backup, webcam protection, password manager, and protection against identity theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do I need antivirus for iPhone?

A – No, you don’t need to install antivirus software or any security apps on your iPad or iPhone.

Q – Do Apple iPhones get viruses?

A – Apple IPhones operating system can get viruses, but it’s very rare. The virus can damage or change the data on your iPhones.

Q – Can I scan my iPhone for malware?

A – No, due to security restrictions on iPhone, no app can scan the system or other apps for malware.

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