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The Android OS is a powerful modern tool. It is well known for offering an extensive range of smart device solutions along with various possibilities of in-depth user access to any gadget.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that over 85 percent of the foremost smartphones are Android-powered.

The user-friendly and reasonably secure nature of the Android platform has resulted in a huge market for gaming, business, online dating, e-commerce, and task management apps.

Users can even install third-party software to modify their UI, as well as make other customization effects to tweak the appearance and performance of their smartphones.

But the truth is touch-screen platforms simply cannot offer up the convenience of using a mouse and keyboard.

This explains why several users today would prefer to install emulator software to run Android-powered apps on their PC.

Whether you’re just looking to enjoy playing hardcore games like COD or PUBG Mobile on bigger screens than your smartphone; or perhaps a software programmer who wants to test run your apps.

Below is where you’ll find our thoughts on the best Android emulator tools you can install right now on your Windows or Mac computer.


Here are the 10 Best Android Emulators for PC

1. LDPlayer


Let’s get started with LDPlayer; one of the best android emulator apps that come with plenty of comprehensive gaming-oriented features.

It is also one of the few Android emulators for PC we’ve sampled recently that receives active developer updates for improving performance and compatibility.

Moreover, the LDPlayer can be used to download Android apps and games from the pre-installed Google Play or LD Store.

This handy emulator was also built to help you with managing your game files automatically.

2. Bluestacks


So you want to install the best android emulator for pc? With Bluestacks, you have one of the trendiest and most effective Android emulators built for Windows or Mac PCs.

It comes with handy features like the custom key mapping tool which can be used to make keyboard configurations.

The Bluestacks emulator also helps with your gaming by improving your target and reaction time while using the mouse and keyboard.

Moreover, you get to capture and replay your gaming action in real-time. You can even use it to run multiple games simultaneously.

3. Android Studio/Virtual Device


This next entry on our list of recommended Android emulators for PC is best described as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), or the default development console for Android systems.

Once installed, Android Studio lets you play Android-based games and download apps directly from the Google PlayStore like you normally do with a smartphone.

You can also use Android Studio to add custom keyboards and launchers. There are various tools available here to help developers with building and sampling Android-based games and apps.

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4. Genymotion


Let’s now introduce you to Genymotion; yet another one of the best android emulator tools currently available out there for PCs.

It has been touted as the perfect Android emulator software for gaming on your desktop computer.

On the Genymotion emulator, you can expect to find lots of popular games – PUBG Mobile and COD included.

It even offers configured control options for playing Android games on your PC and lets you customize the control overlay for PUBG mobile.

5. Bliss OS

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for a working Android emulator for Mac and Windows PCs that offers something different.

You should certainly check out Bliss OS. This Android-powered, open-source operating system was built for optimized use on most of the foremost smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The Bliss OS software works via a virtual machine and operates as an Android emulator for computers.

Moreover, you can even run it on your PC using a USB dongle. This USB installation process might be a bit more complicated.

However, when done properly, it lets you run any native Android app.

6. ARChon


Say hello to ARChon. It is yet another handy android emulator for Windows PCs you can install right now.

One of the unique aspects of this brilliant emulator tool is the way you have to install & use it as an extension on your Google Chrome web browser.

And although the ARChon for Chrome emulator is not very easy to operate; it was built to provide the user with a seamless ability to play/run Android games and apps.

Apart from Windows, it is supported on almost any OS that can run Google Chrome including Linux, Mac OS, etc.

7. GameLoop


This is GameLoop; yet another reliable tool on our list of recommended Android emulators.

The GameLoop application is also ideal for providing a seamless PC gaming experience.

It has even been touted as the official emulator for Tencent Games. Some popular Tencent Game titles you can expect to find here include PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty.

One of the GameLoop emulator’s most interesting aspects is the way it offers a configured overlay of PUBG Mobile controls.

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8. NoxPlayer


You’re about to install NoxPlayer; another widely used emulator on our list that you won’t want to miss out on using.

It was built to assist the user with running apps from almost any other operating system directly on a PC.

NoxPlayer features open keyboard mapping. It also supports one-click gaming controls for your keyboard and mouse.

Overall, it offers up superior performance and a robust user experience.

9. MEmu


You’ll enjoy the seamless Android OS experience you get after installing the MEmu emulator on your computer.

The software installation process for this remarkable emulator app is also quite straightforward.

MEmu comes with in-built and dedicated graphics. It is also compatible with AMD and Intel processing chips.

10. PrimeOS


Once you install this latest PrimeOS emulator app version, you can enjoy one of the most complete desktop Android-based experiences on just about any PC.

PrimeOS can give you access to a limitless number of Android games and apps. It was built to transform your computer into a robust mobile gaming platform.

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That sums up our latest round-up of highly recommended emulator apps for PC and Mac you can use right now.

Feel free to add our web page to your bookmarks for more of the trendiest tech info.


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