Thanks to their quicker average start-up times and cross-platform support; Chromebook applications are perfect for people who prefer more productive and user-friendly computing options.

It’s therefore not surprising to see Chrome OS features expanding every year.

However, making seamless transitions to a new computing ecosystem has never been an easy task – especially with the software variations existing across computing platforms.

Thankfully, Google already made a smart move back in 2017 when Chromebook users were granted access to install Android apps via the Google PlayStore.

Besides increasing usability, this action also opened up the Chromebook platform to an overabundance of apps & games.

Moreover, the Android Store comes with much better options than what you get with just the Chrome App Store.

After sampling and reviewing dozens of video, music, and whiteboard apps for Chromebooks, we came up with the listicle you’ll find below.

These are our top 10 selections for the best Android apps for Chromebook users. Each one has a little bit of everything.

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Here are the Best Android Apps for Chromebooks (2021)

1. Adobe Lightroom


Millions of people around the world are already familiar with using the Adobe Lightroom mobile software.

It is one of the best Android apps for Chromebooks. It is also supported on iOS platforms.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lets you perform uncomplicated image editing processes.

The Lightroom app is free to use. It was built to operate as a camera app and photo editor that empowers the users’ photography.

It features simple photo editing tools like image sliders and picture filters that can assist you with capturing & editing stunning imagery.

2. Google Drive


With Google Drive, you have yet another great option when it comes to selecting the best Android apps for Chromebooks.

It was built to serve as a secure location for storing and accessing all kinds of media files and documents.

You can search for your uploaded files by their name or content while accessing them remotely from any PC or smart device.

The Google Drive app also lets you set permissions and share user access for your media files and folders.

This way, you can invite others easily to view them. You can even allow them to edit, or make remarks.

3. Gmail


You’ll find the Gmail app already pre-installed on most Chromebooks. This intuitive emailing application has consistently ranked among the best Android apps for Chromebooks.

Gmail is the perfect business tool for travelers as it lets you communicate effortlessly via email threads from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, with the Gmail app, you get to manage your primary email account as per normal.

However, one of the most interesting aspects of the app is its support for multiple accounts; it lets you use Yahoo, Outlook, and others. It also comes with an easy-to-use UI.

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4. KineMaster


Perhaps you’re looking to install animation apps for Chromebooks. You’ll be pleased with the KineMaster app.

It is a user-friendly, feature-laden video editor that is free to use.

This brilliant software also boasts a music asset store, graphic clips, stickers, fonts, transitions, and much more editing options.

Moreover, KineMaster supports video exports in 4K resolution at 30FPS. But if you want to use even more features, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium KineMaster app version.

5. LastPass Password Manager


Even though Chromebook has featured an assortment of password managers over time, very few of them have been as reliable as LastPass.

With the LastPass software installed on your smart device, you have one of the world’s most efficient and popular password managers.

It comes as no surprise that over the past few years, LastPass has been consistently ranking among the best Android apps for Chromebooks.

This brilliant app lets you store and protect all your passwords, bank details, secure notes, debit card info, as well as other kinds of sensitive user details behind its encrypted vault.

6. MediaMonkey


You’re about to download MediaMonkey. It is hands down one of the best music apps for Chromebooks we’ve sampled recently.

Besides music, you can also play podcasts and watch movies using the app’s Android media player.

Moreover, the MediaMonkey application can read music saved on external storage drives, SD cards, and internal hard drives.

Plus, the desktop version of MediaMonkey lets you stream your favorite local music from the MediaMonkey server.

7. Podcast Addict


Podcast Addict is the next entry on our list of best Android apps for Chromebooks and it is popular for being a handy tool for Android podcasting.

The Podcast Addict app is perfect for providing background chatter for most Chromebook activities.

All app versions of the Podcast Addict can be used to search online and download any available podcasts from select stores.

It also boasts various playback features, download options, along with a few other useful user settings.

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8. Pulse SMS


You get to use one of the best Android apps for Chromebooks currently available on the Google PlayStore once you install Pulse SMS.

This open-source communications app was built to let the user send & receive encrypted SMS directly from their phone number.

The Pulse SMS app will also sync your smartphone along with any other computing device that’s linked to your account.

Once you send or receive text, it gets mirrored instantly across those other platforms.

9. Reddit


Millions of people across the globe are already familiar with how Reddit can be one of the best Android apps for Chromebooks.

The app boasts of various subreddits that could easily turn out to be useful resources for Chromebook users.

The Reddit app comes with excellent sync abilities and features. You can install it now to increase your overall productivity.

10. Solid Explorer


This final entry on our listicle might not be rated among the best animation or music apps for Chromebooks; however, it can help keep all your precious media files organized.

The Solid Explorer app lets you transfer files seamlessly across remote cloud locations and servers.

This user-friendly tool also supports mouse and keyboard enhancements for managing your Chromebook files.

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Final Take…

That’s it for our discussion about, recommended animation, whiteboard, and music apps for Chromebooks.

Let nothing prevent you from exploring the variety of options on offer with each app.


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