Google has created a keyboard app named Gboard, in which all the other keyboards of Google have been put together.

And it has been launched with many features that are not in Google Indic Keyboard.

Like – in this, you can use Google Search, and Google Translate directly from your keyboard.

It includes 22 Indian languages with Urdu, Maithili with transliteration support, while Google Indic Keyboard had only 11 words.

How to type in that language without knowing any language

Its biggest and unique feature is that you can type in any language exactly and without the mistake of grammar. Whether or not you know that language does not matter.

All you have to do after installing it is to press the G button on the keyboard and select your language in the Translate option.

In it, buttons have been given on the keyboard to copy, cut, and paste, which were not in the Google Indic keyboard.

You can resize Google’s new keyboard, Gboard on the screen as per your convenience and change its position.

It also has Glide Typing, Handwriting mode, and Gesture cursor control.

But many people are not convenient with the Gboard so today we will talk about Gboard alternatives which you can use.

Read this article till last so you will get a better idea of Gboard alternatives.

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Here are the 5 Best Alter­na­tives to Gboard for Android

1. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard


In the list of Gboard alternatives Swiftkey Keyboard, makes its way in a great idea this keyboard is user-friendly. It can be used as a Gboard alternative.

The swift key is one of the most popular and favorite keyboards in the play store and apple store because of its UI and performance.

Perfect prediction of your word makes this more excellent. With a very good response, it also supports the array of languages.

Third, it also has a customizing array, such as for keyboard themes, layout size, and single-handed text mode.

Left-right orientation. It is entirely free, and you can also add new words to it in its dictionary.

You can trust the app and can download it to use a Gboard alternative.

2. Gboard – the Google Keyboard


In the Gboard alternative, you can trust this application as its performance is quite good as this is also a product of google.

The Google keyboard is a stock keyboard, which was found in Nexus and Motorola devices.

Still, Google has now made this keyboard available free of cost for other devices on the play store.

This is a very smooth keyboard, in which you can also do snappy texting.

This keyboard also has the feature of swipe texting, but its one drawback that it does not have much freedom of customization, and hence pre-loaded themes have to be used in it.

You can use this keyboard very easily by just downloading it from the Play Store or App Store.

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3. Fleksy keyboard


Fleksy Keyboard is also an excellent Gboard alternative that is available on Play Store and app store.

The Fleksy keyboard is exciting. Its specialty is that people say that they can do typing in it without even looking at the screen. An excellent interface makes it very easy.

Its layout is significant, and it has some unique features like swiping left causes backspace, and swiping right reads the predicted word.

It also has many themes that you can customize according to your favorite colors.

This feature makes it more interesting as you can change the subject accordingly, which you like the most.

It’s one small drawback that it does not support swipe gestures, which leads to a problem in single-handed texting. Other than that is an Excellent featured Keyboard.

4. Ginger keyboard


If you are looking for the most exciting keyboard then this Ginger keyboard is the best Gboard alternative which you will like, as consist of small games also which doesn’t let you feel bored.

In it, you will get all the general features that are found in other keyboards.

Apart from this, its specialty is that it is user-friendly, a feature of customization themes. This makes it look excellent, and you can also change the themes which you like.

Not only this, but it also has multitasking features. When you are bored while typing, it also has some mini-games like Snake, Helicopter, and squash.

You will get this application from the Play Store or App Store.

5. Swype keyboard


Swype is the first alternative that was on Play Store and later it was also available for the App Store. This can be the best Gboard Alternative.

If you use swipe gestures a lot, then this is the best keyboard for you. It has a lot of customized themes and layouts for you.

A lot of themes let you make the keyboard interesting while typing, and most importantly, the swipe gesture makes this keyboard use single handy very easily.

Its specialty is also that it suggests emojis (smiley’s) according to your typed words.

This app is available on the Play Store and app store from there you can download it on your device.

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So, here is the end of our list of best alter­na­tives to Gboard for android 2021.

Every keyboard has different types of features, you can choose accordingly and can download the best one you like.

We hope you liked this article and can choose the best Gboard alternative keyboard. Please do share if you liked it.


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