In recent years, there has been an increasing market demand for forensic science technicians.

Fortunately, we now have online criminal justice degree programs designed specially to assist students with preparing for their law enforcement careers.

Studying criminal justice helps people to better understand its importance in our society.

The criminal justice degree program typically features the required courses for learning the skills and knowledge you will need to work in the law enforcement industry; thus making it easier to get a job after finishing any of the programs.

Criminal Justice degree online programs currently offer courses in a variety of subjects including ethics, law, communications, cybercrime, physical conditioning, first aid, criminology, administration, and correctional facility management among others.

These degree courses are designed to help you appreciate how the law works from public policies to the correctional system.

Obtaining a criminal justice degree can serve as a springboard for you to secure your career as a police officer, social worker, lawyer, or forensic science technician.

Several US universities and colleges run accelerated Criminal Justice degree online programs where students can register and acquire their bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

But first, you can find out which program is well suited to you with our list of best criminal justice degree online programs.

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Top Criminal Justice Degree Online Programs (2021)


If you wish to study criminal justice you should first figure out what interests you the most about the industry.

Is it the corrections system? Is it the law? Or perhaps it’s the entire justice system?

You’ll soon discover that lots of criminal justice degree programs also integrate psychology and sociology courses into their curriculum, while some associate criminal justice degree online programs are more research-oriented than others.

Below, you’ll find a review of some of the best and cheapest criminal justice degree online programs available for study right now:


The BSc in Criminal Justice degree online studies program offers you the opportunity to study the multiple factors involved in analyzing criminal behavior as well as the society’s response through the criminal justice system.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will graduate with a BSc in Criminal Justice.

And apart from being a Criminal Justice Major, students can choose to minor in other related fields including psychology, public administration, and legal studies.

Students can even major in any other criminal justice discipline.

This means you will also be allowed to pursue a double major in any related discipline such as a Major in both Criminal Justice along with Social & Behavioral Sciences.


This next entry on our list of best criminal justice degree online recommendations will present you with the opportunity to study the various elements of criminal behavior as well as the response of society through the criminal justice system.

Apart from providing students with a better understanding of crime theories and the response of the criminal justice system.

This associate criminal justice degree online program also introduces them to effective research methods within the field.

While in the program, you will be allowed to intern and lots of students usually end up working with the US Marshal Service, State Police Patrol, or any of the local County Sheriff’s Departments.


A BSc or BA in Criminal Justice Administration is currently ranked among the best and cheapest criminal justice degree online programs.

This course will provide you with a general orientation of the major criminal justice elements including law enforcement, criminal investigation, court procedures, criminal justice research, corrections, administration, and management.

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This is one of the best criminal justice degree online programs available today in the United States.

That provides you with a broad knowledge base about core areas of the US criminal justice system including the courts, law enforcement, and corrections.

It is a US Homeland specialized online Criminal Justice course that was designed to better prepare students for defending their country.

Here, you get to learn more about how to manage and effectively safeguard America’s national authority.

With your degree, you can work with the US border patrol, Customs Enforcement, Immigration, Cybercrimes Unit, or even as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst, and a Crime Prevention Specialist.


Students can learn and develop their ability to detect fraud, protect valuable resources, and investigate various kinds of white-collar crimes while earning their BSc in Criminal Justice online.

This specialized associate criminal justice degree online program will better prepare you for detecting fraud at various organizational & institutional levels.

You can also learn more about the tools and technology that can be used to fight against corruption in the larger society.

BSC IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE – Public Policy & Leadership

Here’s one of the best and cheapest criminal justice degree online programs for students.

You can use it to develop your skills in public administration, finances, and various other forms of service-oriented leadership.

After successfully going through this online criminal justice course, students will emerge with a better understanding of judicial and government regulation of financial policies.


This is yet another associate criminal justice degree online course that has proved to be relevant in various fields.

Because effective leadership skills are critical to the success of any organization, obtaining this online BSc in Leadership & Criminal Justice makes a lot of sense.

Here, students get to become forward-thinking experts on US law enforcement, national security, military, and intelligence.


Students of this BSc degree program, get to learn more about the application and administration of justice in real-world situations.

This way, aspiring correction treatment specialists, probation, and correctional officers can go through their mandatory social science courses while they experience the issues faced in the US criminal justice system.

In addition, the program will help students to acquire critical thinking skills and develop their competence in written & oral communication.

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Rounding Up

That’s it for our discussion about the best and cheapest criminal justice degree online you can apply for right now.

Any one of them can give you an edge in today’s competitive job market.


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