Instant messaging app Whatsapp has currently withdrawn its new policy after the controversy escalated.

Despite this, users are increasingly downloading messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.

Downloading of these three Whatsapp alternatives is increasing rapidly across the world.

One week after WhatsApp’s announcement of the new policy, 88 lakh users joined the Signal app, while Telegram added 2.5 million new users across the world in just 72 hours.

According to an agency like Center Tower, WhatsApp downloads have declined during this period.

Now Whatsapp has said through a blog post that the new policy will be launched in May instead of February, i.e. the account will not be deleted after 8 February.

Let us know about the features of the three major apps that we have compiled as WhatsApp alternatives.

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Here are the Best Alternatives to WhatsApp in 2021

1. Signal Private Messenger

Right now Signal Private Messenger App is being considered as the best WhatsApp alternative app.

If you prefer security features more, then you can use this app. The Signal messenger app is run by a non-profit firm.

(a) Security Features

The signal is equipped with end-to-end encryption based on signal protocol.

This means that a third party or even the signal app itself cannot read your message or chat.

The good thing is that the signal protocol is open-source, that is, other experts can also review its security features.

It does not support third-party backup like WhatsApp. Here all the data is stored locally on the device.

If for some reason the device is stolen or lost and others reset the signal on the phone, the previous chat history will not be found.

(b) Cross Platform

This app supports cross-platform. It can be used on platforms such as Android, iOS, iPad, Mac, Windows, and Line, etc.

The signal app is a completely free application. Former WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton founded the Signal Foundation in association with Moxie Marlinspike.

(c) Basic Features

Like Whatsapp, this app also has a video audio call facility. The group calling feature can add up to 150 members.

Recently group video calling feature has also been added to this app.

end encrypted, a special feature – the disappearing message. For this, you can set the time from 5 seconds to 1 week.

After this, the message will disappear from the chat. In this app, you can set a PIN to keep the account secure.

Apart from this, features like Incognito Keyboard, Fingerprint Lock, Read Receipt, Location Sharing, Chats, Archive, etc. are available in this app.

This prevents the app users from taking screenshots of chat, which is useful here like WhatsApp one will not be able to easily add to a group.

You must accept a group invite to join the group. This app stores very little information from users.

2. Telegram

Telegram app is also a popular app like WhatsApp. You will probably find many friends here too.

There are a lot of features in this app, which are not even present on WhatsApp. Which is as follows.

(a) Security Features

Telegram is an encrypted and open-source application. However, questions have also been raised about its encryption feature several times.

Telegram does not have end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp and Signal apps, but Telegram is safe when it starts a secret chat, you can set a timer to delete secret chat.

After this, the chat is automatically deleted.

(b) Cross-platform

Telegram is a cross-platform app, and available on Android, ios, mac, windows.

Because of relying on your own cloud backup, when you set the app on another device, your chat history does not change.

(c) Basic Feature

Telegram is a free alternative to Whatsapp. This platform is popular for groups. Here more than two lakh people can be added to a group.

Like Whatsapp, audio and video call support is also available. The disappearing message here is part of the secret chat.

Users can set the time from one second to one week. Cloud-based service enables data to be screened across all registered devices.

Here, users can send files up to 1.5 GB. Also, you can create channels, Files that can be forwarded to anyone without downloading, etc.

It also supports picture-in-picture mode.

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3. Wire Secure Messenger

The Wire is also an end-to-end encrypted secure messaging app. You will get here free personal accounts and payment plans for businesses.

This app also has clear audio and video communication. This app is also considered as best WhatsApp alternative.

Wire app allows you for media file sharing and audio filtering. You can access your account from up to eight synchronized devices.

In this app you can change the format of the text by adding bold and italics format as well as making a list in the conversation.

You can also customize the size of files for easy sharing.

In conclusion…

After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, users have started using apps like Signal and Telegram, in this blog you have found out what are the alternative apps of WhatsApp.

If you still have any doubt about WhatsApp Alternatives app, then we must comment in our comment box.

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